Which Broker to go with?

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  1. bigranger



    I want to open a trading account that is compatible with Ninjatrader, have tight spreads and low commisions.

    I do not want to go with interactive brokers, as their minimum is too much (though i intend to sell a property and invest up to 100k) but that is much later.

    I have received no response from PFGBest, so owing to the poor tech support they are also out of the search.

    A freind recommended forex.com, but with what i read, they do bucket. I average around 2400 to 3500 pips a month, i know they would welcome losing accounts, but am scared they will start hunting my stops, widening spreads and try to make me lose (am i being paranoid)

    Can you please recommend a company which is very professional, pays on time, has great customer support, is an ecn or a realiable market marketmaker, and with whom i can trust my funds.

    How is TDAmeritrade? do they accept international customers?

    I would love if the broker is in the middle east or out of North America, since our timings would match. (With Dubai)

  2. 2400 - 3500 pips a month. :eek: :eek:

    Impressive, really unbelievable.

    And i thought i am one of the best traders in the world.

    Now i feel very bad and worthless.:( :(

    Thank you very munch.:mad:

    But hey, then you must be already multi millionair, right.:confused: :confused:

    Then i would recommend, one of these guys here, they are the best in the biz.


    Thanx for writing in your thread, i am blessed.

    :D :D :D
  3. Paragone


    How can you, as you say, 'average around 2400 to 3500 pips a month' and still not be able to come up with 10k for an IB account?
  4. Yes, you are.

    Forex.com is a good retail broker.

    If you know how to trade, you will make money.
    :p :p :p

    If you have enough you can switch to their leader company gaincapital for wealthy individuals.

    But your performence is amazing. No serious, i am speechless.

    How do you trade?
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. bigranger


    Thanks, i really can only do it with low exposure right now, mini lots that is. I am also not too comfortable with IB. I`m looking into forex.com.
  6. silverfx


    It is very good, when man can believe in something and have big aims, but it is not so simple, you have to work day and night to get this, let us know your results!
  7. JamesL


    AVOID forex.com.

    Why specifically NT brokers? Is it for the charting or for the Ninjascripting? Have you looked at MT4 brokers and it's EA functionality? Oanda now offers MT4 and is considered very highly by many.

    If you insist on NT, have you looked at MBT - ECN type with tight spreads and micro/mini lots?
  8. Paragone


    Oanda is a decent retail broker(I'm not with them anymore though), but their MT4 platform is flawed. My little brother trades on their MT4 and he tells me about 30-60 sec delays on opening/closing/modifying positions happening regularly. Apparently Oanda has known about this problem for a while(there is a thread about it on their messageboard) and they have not done anything about it. Oanda with their Fxtrade platform is perfectly fine, but think twice before using their MT4! I know some people use their MT4 for charting and just execute the trades with Fxtrade, this seems like a decent solution.
  9. Porcupine


    I use Forex.com.

    I never had a problem with them...wiring the money back into my account is fast (2 days).

    When I use Limit or Stop orders, they are very good.

    When I use Market Orders I have the feeling that sometimes they wait 1 or 2 ticks against me, but it could be that the price data I see on my screen is slightly delayed or filtered.

    Disclaimer: This is subjective as I do not have any experience with any other broker.
  10. making more than 2000 pips a month and you cant afford an account with IB?? whats ur order size? 1K?
    if i could make 500 pips a month, i would be driving a new sports car every month.
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