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    Dear Traders,

    I trade futures (ES and NQ) threw IB but are there brokers just like IB where I can open a EUR account and trade futures in USA and Europe. At the moment I’m looking at Velocity futures but are there any other brokers in the USA/Europe with the same reviews. I trade 2/3 times a day with max. 3 contracts per trade.

    Thanx in advance,
  2. Velocity and Advantage are good....what platform do you want to use?
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    I hear great thinks about X-trader, but if a broker has a similar platform as X it's ok with me. I checked Advanced Futures website but are they not a little bit expensive compared with Velocity Futures?

    I have heard of J-trader but don't know how good it is compared with IB or X-trader. has anybody any experience with J-trader vs. X-trader?
  4. J-Trader is just old......XTrader is the best out by far. I use the NinjaTrader platform for my non-automated trading through Vcap Futures, and fortunately I am not having some of the NT problems that others have experienced recently (trading is filled with constant technical issues....trust me on that one :D ).

    I would say that you should first make sure you have a successful strategy that you are going to trade, while you do your due diligence for which broker fits best with your needs.
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    I have experience trading futures but it's been a while. Second, I don't believe in paper trading. Ofcourse it's important to watch the market closely to get a "feeling" again with the market (based on setup's, intermarket, experience, etc). Paper trading is imho something completely different than real trading because I trade discretionary setups

    but lets refocus, I'm looking for a broker who has similar features as IB. a EUR account, trading futures in Europe and USA, possibility to close position threw phone when my ISP is dead, etc

  6. Amen.
  7. I also NEVER paper trade....I backtest to the best of my abilities and then I trade real money in a beta test period (60 days...two calendar months).

    Paper trading is only really good for getting the "mechanics" of a manually traded system down, that has order sequencing that needs to be practiced real-time (for maybe a day or two). This would be like practicing a quick scale-in/scale-out method or some scalping maneuver.
  8. Forget J-trader unless you don't mind to trade with inferior platform (eg you don't really need all the fancy and advanced features, then it may be okay).
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    nobody??? because I'm not really familiar with the US brokerage market
  10. What's wrong with IB? You can definitely trade futures on several different European exchanges, and I'm pretty sure you can specify EUR as the base currency in your account instead of USD (unless it's an IRA).
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