Which broker to choose?

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  1. Guys,

    I need to choose some good broker. I'm going to trade stocks and stock options. I have about 3-5 trades a day with 3-5 lots each. Which broker would you advise based on your experience/ideas? I don't care too much about poor customer service (or I should?).

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    What is your definition of a 'good broker'?
  3. Difficult question :) Well actually I ment the experience that traders had with different brokers. What they like and what don't. As for me it would be great to use IB, but it's really difficult to use them in active stocks and options trading. At least much harder than with TOS. But TOS's rates are worse than IB's. So thinking right now :) But maybe MBTrading is good also (their comis rates are not bad). It's impossible I think to try every broker. So lets say I need some advice like "hey I used .... with daytrading, they are really not bad because..". The problem I haven't had any experience with real money so it's difficult to predict all the questions that may arise in future.

    Thanks. Appreciate any thoughts.
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    I use Cybertrader for swing and daytrading. I'm not a scalper. Cybertrader Pro has good software platform, great customer service, inexpensive (per share, and trade at least 40,000 shares per month), decent shortable list. Not the fastest executions, so if you plan to scalp, use someone else. Good system reliability (hasn't been down since I've used it.) Secure financial institution.
  5. Anyone here use fidelity?
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    Just my 2 cents but I wouldn't consider 3-5 trades a day very active trading. IB's software is designed for active trading and once you spent a little time on the paper trader, you'll find that it's actually quite easy to use. For active trading you can set up hot keys, use the book trader as well as configure other parameters to speed up you trading. In addition, there are a number of excellent front ends which you might find suitable.
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    what the f**k is it with this fidelity thing, it's the worst and the biggest rip-off in the market, and people still asking bout fidelity?

    how can u be on EliteTrader and yet think about fidelity
  8. Have to agree. 'Guess they're for the 'investor' fools who like to throw their money into the mutual fund toilet.

  9. Thanks guys, for your thoughts. I'm thinking more about IB. And I'm getting more and more used to it. Have anyone had any problems with withdrawals or any other problems with it?
  10. get IB. withdrawals are no problem with both ACH and wires.

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