Which broker offers the largest number of currency pairs?

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    Hello Guys,

    At the moment I trade via FXDD. This broker offers the following currency pairs:

    1. AUD/CAD
    2. AUD/JPY
    3. AUD/NZD
    4. AUD/USD
    5. CAD/JPY
    6. CHF/JPY
    7. EUR/AUD
    8. EUR/CAD
    9. EUR/CHF
    10. EUR/GBP
    11. EUR/JPY
    12. EUR/USD
    13. GBP/CHF
    14. GBP/JPY
    15. GBP/USD
    16. NZD/USD
    17. USD/CAD
    18. USD/CHF
    19. USD/JPY
    20. USD/MXN
    21. USD/TRY

    The problem I have is that FXDD does not offer ''mirroring'' pairs. It offers EUR/USD but does not offer USD/EUR.

    Because I trade a technique that generates signals very rarely, I am looking for a broker that offers a wider range of currency pairs (exotic currency pairs are welcome). I will appreciate your suggestions.

    Preferable are MT4 brokers and brokers who provide tools for money managers (multiple accounts trading via one master account; lot and percent allocation). I would also appreciate links to a list of tradable currency pairs of your recommended brokers.

  2. cstfx



    somehing like 170 different pairings
  3. Tresor


    I checked Oanda. Oanda offer 46 pairs, which is great.

    The downside of Oanda is their spread. I compared Oanda's spreads to FXDD's spread. Oanda spread is broader by 2 - 5 times than FXDD.

    Can you guys suggest a broker that offers a similar number of pairs but with a better spread?

  4. gft 60ish
  5. Try more than 120.
  6. Days go by, oops, years go by :-|
  7. Tresor


    Just counted; 140 :D

    And the spreads are the same as FXDD, which is cool. Thanks guys.

    What is GTF platform like?
  8. In my opinion it is not the most polished but I was criticized for having this opinion.
  9. Tresor


    Thank IShopAtPublix. I will download the demo and play around.

    Just noticed that some pairs are listed twice on their website, so not 140 but less.

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