Which broker offers highest swap / interest rates?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by twinx, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. twinx


    I did'nt find a thread about the different interest rates of forex brokers.

    My information for example:

    Cms Capital Market Services, LLC
    GBP/JPY 26,1 USD/1 lot

    FXDD gives about USD 24 - 24.20 per lot long GBP/JPY (+- daily).

    dbFX Deutsche Bank AG
    GBP/JPY 23,19 USD/1 lot

    What your experiences?
  2. Looking at the platform right now, on a 100k GBP/JPY position FXCM's rollover is +$24.30 if you are long, and -$25.80 if you are short.

    I'm curious about what CMS' rate is for a short position, if it's +$26.10 for a long position.
  3. twinx


    CMS = +26.1 and -27.60$

    How did you calculate the +24.30$ for FXCM?
    If I do - I am not adept - and my result is only around + 15/16.-$ for FXCM.
    I took a swape rate of +1.87 Pips GBP/JPY
  4. Cybren


    Twinx, the .jpg is from a EUR denominated min account. In order to be able to compare multiply by ten to get the rate for a full lot. Then mulitply by EUR USD rate (with 1,3360 this makes the rate for GBP/JPY 24,98 USD per night)