Which broker lets you deposit with egold?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Daal, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Daal


    Does anyone know?
  2. reg4login


    and paypal? :)
    wait for answer too
  3. Tamli


    Only Marketiva have full E-Gold support...

    They'll give you free 5$ (real money) :)
    they have no demo account, live and demo account is merged into one (you have LIVE money and -VIRTUAL money for training-)
    they'll give you 10000$ virtual training money

    you can deposit as little as 1$
    there is no deposit fee
    but there is a withdraw fee 8$

    for deposit and withdraw you can use:
    and bank account (as usual)

    I'm using marketiva for 9months and I can recommend it for everyone who need broker with egold support

  4. Tamli,

    You look like another Marketiva spammer:cool:
  5. Her referral id is 331

  6. Tamli


    He just asked what broker let you deposit with egold :)
  7. Then your answer would have been Marketiva...not the fricken commercial with your id embedded in the link!

    by the way..why would anybody serioius about trading want to use a marketmaker that accepted the likes of E-gold...Isn't E-gold for scam-munsters...I would venture to say that 90% of their client list is filled with these sorts of clients.

  8. You would be wrong, as usual.

    Try to get informed before you shoot your mouth off.
  9. Oanda has paypal...

  10. even if it were 60% that would be enough for me...E-Gold...what a joke. That third party processor is filled with fraud in the security of those numbered accounts...

    Pay your tax sulong...become a 1st class citizen.

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