Which broker is good for me?

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  1. Hi,

    I want to open a new account in a new broker with 250K (Currently with IB). I am trading low price stock (<$5) and I will scale in and out with each trade around $4000. I won't use margin, so I do not care borrowing interest rate. Turnover is around 2 weeks-4 weeks. Most of my trade is limit order. As so many brokers are there, what broker do you think is the best for me? Thank you.
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    I'm pretty new to trading, but have done a lot of research, and from everything I have read, either IB or MB Trading.

    I'm hardly the expert on this though.
  3. there is no reason to hold a balance of 250K with a broker if you are making 4k trades.

    you can employ the same strategy with a fraction of your buying power. why not use 225k in "laddered credit deposits" and keep 25k with IB to avoid PDT rules.. nothing wrong with using margin.
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    He's already with IB.

    OP, maybe you should have a look at some per-ticket firms out there
  5. if OP is trading less than 1000 shares.. IB is at the margin
  6. My total position is around 70% and in the extreme market condition, I will add to 100%. I do not use margin because 1) I need to pay interest 2) I am not comfortable to use high leverage, have bad memory on that

    My total position is around $200K, I still will use IB, just want to split fund because do not want to take risk because of 500K SPIC limit. $4000 is for each trade or average 2000 shares, I do not buy stocks at a time, but average my price through a few days.

    What is laddered credit deposits and per-ticket firms?
  7. Also , limit order at IB can get rebate. I did not find any other broker offer rebate.