Which broker is best for pre-market trading?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Norlan, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Norlan


    as stated above, and we're talking about as early as 4:00AM EST. I missed out the whole RTP rally this morning because I could not place trades until 8:00AM EST as I'm with Scottrade.

    I heard Interactive Broker is a good one but not sure how they charge for commissions or how early they allow you to trade. Please enlighten
  2. I find Hold Brothers just OK... good chunk of my PnL comes from premarket trading 8-9est.
  3. nassau


    I and several of my traders trade with IB basically 24/7.
    We trade the Asian, Ausia, to Uk and finally back to US.
    The fills are over all fine as the market seems to be range bound but harder when news comes out but that is not a reflection of IB but rather the thin market.
    About commissions we really don't take that issue into consideration as if trading stocks premarket off gaps, news etc the fact is one usually is exiting 50 to the dollar and on futures 5 or more points.

    IB does at or just about midnight go down for a few minutes I am guessing re-setting of servers? and will lose data several times through night but this is only for a few seconds and overall really not a big deal.
    You may find Island goes down which will cause an exit harder as some of the smaller ecn spreads are larger but again not an IB issue.

    good luck