Which broker is best for advanced traders?

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  1. Which broker is best for advanced traders? I need a high level of support and advanced platform functionality
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    What are you trading? You can trade literally everything at Interactive Brokers, with a platform that can be customized and automated (if you know how to code), but there is zero support. ThinkorSwim (TD Ameritrade) is also very powerful, with a lot of support, but commissions (at least on futures) are very expensive.
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    how about short selling? ToS has this HardToBorrow thing, IB much more smoother.
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    Interactive Brokers for instrument variability. They are the only place I've seen offer what appears to be an actual menu - namely they offer everything from futures, to warrants, to exotics, to swaps, to convertibles. Their margin rates are nearly impossible to beat and their commissions are astonishingly low. Moreover, they offer an API where you can data mine to your heart's content.

    However, they aren't very good at "one thing". I trade options at IB. My experience with AMP futures was incredible - but they only offer futures. You can ping a bunch of the different sponsors and ask them about their platforms - but I'd move away from ToS. I've never gotten good execution with them.
  5. %% Most any will do well for swing +position trading;
    if you have to have phone support, its a much different answer.................................................................................................[I've used+satisfied with IBKR, ALLY ,AMTD, Options EXpress+ others] IBKR chart volume was wrong but consistant so its still OK.
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  9. Define an advanced trader.
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    I have been using TZ and it has been great. Until you guys switched to Apex clearing. Now there's some issues everyday. When will the issues be fixed??
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