Which broker has these features?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by whirl, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. whirl


    I'm looking for a forex broker that has the following features:

    1. Reputable (obviously), 24 hr support etc.
    2. Low spreads (anything lower than 3 pips on eur/usd, would qualify)
    3. Has a trailing stop feature, since I'm not glued to the screen (Oanda doesn't have this :( )
    4. A realtime summary of your executions (surprisingly IFX/cbfx.com doesn't have this, executed trades don't show up in your summary after it's closed. Kind of annoying to have to manually check).
    5. Optional: Real Time news, and summary news of what to expect.

    I've been looking for a while, and it seems, either a firm is kind of shady sounding, or doesn't have these features. I use a seperate charting software, so my main purpose is lower price and execution features.
    www.fxdd.com seems to have these features and low spreads, hopefully this or another firm is reputable.
    Any suggestions please?

    thanks in advance
  2. murfy_kl


    Try FXCM
  3. Try interbankfx 2 pip spreads

  4. I would be very wary of this firm.

    It gives a London address, but does not appear to be regulated by the FSA. My understanding is that to carry out margin fx business in the UK you must be regulated.
  5. ki6ania


    Try NorthFinance...
    I rhink that they have all of the features that you have requested...
    They use MT 4, if you're up for that though...:D
  6. and there are registered where, just registered ki6ania?
  7. for trailing stops i use forex.com from Gain Capital for instance, but there are other platforms... cant remember what news they have, 4cast, ifr or other, but u can get that via other platforms, check it out... also take a look at www.fxstreet.com see what you get
  8. ki6ania


    Ah-ha! Spam fighting, eh? :p

    Registered in Belize, not-new-registered 2cents :cool: But with offices in Cyprus i thing :)

    P.S. Nice welcome btw!
  9. i know thanks... and thats the first firm that comes to mind as safe and good etc and that you would recommend to yr little brother, right?
  10. ki6ania


    Hello, I actually did trade with them, so I wouldn't recommend just anyone... As for the little brother, my older one trades there. So practically speaking you ARE close! :cool:

    P.S. No offence!
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