Which broker has server in Asia?

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    Which broker has server in Asia? I travel between US and China a lot. Experienced serious lag issue with thinkorswim chartting. Anyone know any broker that have server in Asia or China other than IB?

  2. E*trade has 3 headquaters , two in US and one in Philipines , Manila City where there process all applications, they must have a trading server there , you can find out by asking their chatline
  3. I live here in China, IB works just fine but the problem is that many others brokers get randomly blocked by the state. I use IG UK and they have blocked it recently, In fact I want to trade NSE today at the open but even VPN's are all blocked. So whatever you use its imperative that you use stops at trade entry otherwise you could find yourself locked out for days
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    please explain further about the blocking.
    why is it blocked?
  5. censorship by the Chinese government.
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    Rithmic has servers in Singapore and Tokyo.
  7. What is Rithmic ? I look at them, couldn't understand what trading tool are they ?
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    Rithmic is data/order execution provider such as CQG, not broker. Some brokers (IB, TDA, Tradestation,.. for example) use their own data, while others use 3d party data providers such as CQG, Rithmic, TT, ..... IMHO, Rithmic is the best.
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    Yea, I am using IB since they have server in HK, the execution is ok but I dont like IB's charting software. May I know what charting sofware do you use?

  10. At the moment I am still using IG and a charting package called ProRealTime. It's fiddly as I need a VPN to access the IG broker website and only from there can I activate the ProRealTime desktop application. However once the desktop platform is activated I don't need to use a VPN. Also its dead slow. The software itself is not bad once you get familiar with it but typically 'French' (nothing in the obvious place). The downside is that they have no news feeds

    I want to move away from IG but the problem is I am registered in the UK and UK citizens can do spread betting so 500+ leverage on stocks, no day trading rules etc
    IG and other UK broker offer spread betting but IB doesn't unfortunately,

    I have been testing IB's own platform TWS and its ok but only for share dealing (investing)
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