Which Broker/ECN are you WINNING with??

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  1. achilles28


    This is my second attempt towards identifying reliable forex brokers.

    I'd like to ask that only veteran members generating $15,000 a year reply. No newbie posters (read: spam)!! Thanks.

    In my search for a suitable broker, I've concluded only winning client reviews matter. Not losers.

    Why? Because, in most instances, its the WINNERS that pose the biggest threat to a bucketshops profitability - not losers. The losers take care of themselves.

    Therefore, its the WINNERS who are most likely to be targeted for:

    1) stop gunning
    2) price shading
    3) requote
    4) slippage
    5) manual execution
    6) ect.

    If a trader can win despite all this, one causal implication is the brokerage they trade through is more honest then the rest.

    To that end, if all the veterans could share what bucketshop/ECN they're WINNING with, that would be great.

  2. someone once posted that he had accounts
    with many retail fx firms ... and would try to
    arbitrage them when prices went out of line
    between them ... he must have eyes like an
    owl and reflexes like tiger and as many hands
    as octopus ... or some heck of an auto-program
    and servers and T-1 lines

  3. achilles28


    Thats another way to do it ;)
  4. achilles28


    So what about you Setharb? Who do you trade with?
  5. Moe27


    i have made money with these retail brokers and just started with a ecn type broker. just because im new to this forum doesn't mean im new to forex ive been doning this for 4 years now pushing close to $400,000 last year all with retail broker's there are some that you can make money with.




  6. Soon we will hear about you in "Market Wizard"
  7. Moe27


    some people live for the fame and fortune i just live for the fortune:cool:
  8. sccz97


    ibfx don't like scalping, neither do fxdd. I have no experience with oanda but it's unliekly they'll lke scalping either
  9. Moe27


    No retail forex broker like scalping. try ecn
  10. Choad


    Sounds like you are kicking ass at this game. Any hints for prospective Forex traders? I've been trading stocks and options for years, but only recently looked at expanding into Forex.

    Any general tips in regards to methods/strategies you can suggest?

    Or anybody else? Just looking for some different ideas to test.

    Good trading to all.

    C :cool:
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