Which broker allows you deposit through paypal?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Daal, May 31, 2006.

  1. Daal


    Serious question here. I cant issue a check payable to a broker in US dollars because I dont have a US bank account. And I cant wire the money because the receptor has to be a bank account on my name. So I'm wondering which brokers has more creative ideas for deposits(then I would make a interbroker transfer to IB by buying a stock and transfering it)
  2. cybmaniac


    Why don't you just take $10 and open a US bank account?
  3. alanm


    IB can accept accounts from non-US-citizens, and wires from their non-US bank accounts in the currency of your choice (within reason).
  4. Daal


    The problem is the banks here in my country wont let me send the money if I dont show them 10 page worth of documentation before they even consider making an international wire. So I'm trying to figure out another way. Credit card could be a way
  5. traderob


    If you trade forex Oanda take paypal
  6. 2 words: Western Union
  7. Daal


    Western union is also brothering me demanding all kings of paperwork on how I made the money, its hard for me to do it because I made it all through online gambling, its hard to prove that. There's got be a broker who accepts epassporte or moneybookers or neteller or paypal
  8. If you made it gambling then you've probably got a better edge than you can find on wall street casino.

  9. weiwei


    Are you chinese? Please go to Hongkong and open an account.
  10. weiwei


    And you will find it easy to send money to any other country from your bank account(Hongkong).There is no restriction there.
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