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    I'd like to buy a pre-built computer for data crunching, system-optimizing and trading. My budget is around $1500. The only issue I have with Dell is that the video cards only support two monitors.

    I know I will want a 64-bit system with appr. 6Gb of RAM, a fast processor and hard drive. Currently I know to look at Dell.com. There must be a company out there that is more specialized, yet big enough to be economical and reliable.

    Additionally I'm looking to buy another monitor that is easy on the eyes for around $500--$600. Currently I'm using a Dell 2408WFP, which is beautiful, but my eyes hurt after a day of trading.
  2. Yeah, there's always somebody out there more 'specialized' in taking your money.

    Seems like you want a computer for bragging rights? Go ahead and buy it then. It's your money after all.

    Or are you looking for a solid machine at a good price?

    The cards supporting 2 monitors are more economical.

    How big a market out there for 4+ monitors?

    How many monitors do you need now?

    How about later?

    What machine(s) do you currently have?

    Which programs do you use?
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    No, definitely not bragging rights. I just want to be able to handle a lot of data at once. Currently I'm running everything off a dell laptop with 3GB of memory. I'm only on the surface of the data analysis I wish to do and I already use 60% of RAM sometimes. When I trade I use three monitors, but I'm definitely not bragging. I've got a second laptop hooked up to an old cathode ray tube monitor, it's only about 13 inches, but scrolls the news across for me.

    I just don't want to be hampered by my system at all. It seems like a small price to pay.

    And I know most people would just build the system themselves, but I've never so much as opened my computer box, and I'm too busy learning so many other things right now to be bothered tinkering to save a couple hundred dollars.

  4. Okay. You say 'fast' HD. A lot of laptops actually are only 5400rpm's. How fast is your laptop HD?

    Desktop HD's use 7200 rpm which works for 90% of trading purposes even system testing/optimizing.

    Have you looked at Dell's t3400? Is there a brand you'd prefer?
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    my current HD on my laptop is 7200RPM.

    It looks like I'll be getting another dell and installing the video card myself. They are a good price for sure.
  6. I've bought some t3400's in the last few mos. I buy them from their outlet site as 'refurbished'. Hell, i can't tell the difference between refurb & new so why pay more?

    You can buy a nicely equipped machine for about $1000.

    Buy a t3400 with the 2 monitor fanless video card like the NVS290 included at no extra charge. Fans make too much noise when trading/concentrating.

    Then you can buy a 2nd monitor card down the road.

    How much to spend on video card is again your choice $50-300

    Easy to install. Would recommend you get the same video chip as in 1st card for 2nd card.

    For example, 1st card is nVidia. Then don't buy ATI 2nd card. Stick to same brand video card for additional cards later. Very important.
  7. Try iBuyPower, Systemax, Cyberpower, if you want a custom build. They charge a nice premium for higher end machines, but it may be what you're looking for. I don't touch Dell at all, and certainly would not ever deal with them for higher end PCs.

    People build their own PCs because they know what they want rather than just saving a few hundred bucks. Especially if it is a higher end machine. In your case, you want to hook up three monitors so it is best you research and decide the cards & set up on your own. Two dual head cards is what you need.

    For $1500, you can easily get 6GB RAM or more with I7 Core. You can just buy a good gamer machine with 2 dual head Video Cards and you'll be good to go.
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    In case of your strain eyes....

    change the screen's background colour from white to grey or black.

    I have change mine to grey. A lot better.
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    I called Dell today to order a T3400 and was told that I need a business tax ID number to order from their "Business" collection. How is everyone without a business tax ID number getting around this?

  10. Better yet, just order one off of Dell Outlet website... save some money. Warranty the same as off of retail site.
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