Which book scared you the most?

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  1. That's right. Which book in trading/finance/economics scared you the most? Either because of its Doom & Gloom outlook, or maybe the advice was just so terrible that it frightened you? lol.

    I am continuing reading AFTERSHOCK -Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown

    I do have to say, I haven't even read fiction books that have scared me as bad as this text. It does have some very negative and terrible predictions for the western world, and while their worst (that they were so sure about) has failed to happen (so far), some of their predictions did happen, and I have to say, currently with what I see happening, it's falling in line with the rest of the books' predictions.

    Hoping I'm worried about nothing here... about 50 pages into it so far.
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  2. [​IMG]
    The necronomicon
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    Those Doom and Gloom, meltdown ...books are for investors.
    It wouldn't scare us as we are traders.
    In fact, doom and gloom, meltdown .... things are very good for traders.
    Those things provide trading opportunities.
    Be thankful when there are trading opportunities.

    Look at things from the opportunistic viewpoint, not the problematic viewpoint.

    members from eliteinvestor.com will be scared of those books.
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  4. Feel free to give your Cliff's Notes when finished.

    All I know is that at any point in time there's always pessimists predicting doom and gloom and optimists predicting the market to the moon. Just as this current bull market got started over 10 years ago now there were many who were still expecting a complete collapse of the financial markets.

    Seeing how these predictors usually are wrong - it's hard to lend them any credibility. Especially with regards to timing it all which seems to be the tricky part. And without that - what's the use?

    Always interesting to hear some new thoughts and perspectives, though. :)
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  5. I'm at page 100 now, and in regard to timing, they mentioned the best TIME is go to back to 1999 and get out of stock/bond market and load up on GLD. :)

    That said, the book is delving into Milton Friedman now, so I will take it as a sign to go to bed for the moment, being as it's after 5 am here.
  6. "Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown"
    Book written in 2009. Author predicted that stocks will continue to fall.

    Seems like a hard case of recency bias. 13 years of economic rebound missed had you listened to the author back then and throwed everything in gold, as he suggested.
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    Stephen King books, and hellraiser movies. Almost as scary as today's economic outlook lol
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    Give us interim reports with the book's predictions.
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    Camus' The Plague, also like today covid and the most depressing book i read (had to read it for highschool english class, ugh)
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