Which bank do you use?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by George Parr, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. I was wondering which would be the most convenient bank to put my profits and lock some of them in.

    There are many available like... HSBC direct, ING direct, EverBank, Etrade banking...

    Just wondering if anyone here have recommendation for a particular bank which provide great convenience or transfer cash to and fro for non-US citizens.
  2. I chose Ing Direct for my profits. It is very convenient to transfer funds between banks, online brokers and Ing direct. it is FDIC insured.
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    Oh. Also there's that immigrant and treasurydirect thingy. But if you have enough clout, the local bank will offer some ignorant deals.
  4. citi online banking is pretty nice. Online wire transfers, interbank online transfers, billpay etc.
  5. But Citi ain't that safe... or will it never be bankrupted?
  6. I am not worried: FDIC.

    E-trade bank was terrible for me. They hold your funds for a long time before you can do anything with them.
  7. Commerce Bank, now merged with TD Bank still offers a very high degree of the old fashioned, personalized customer service that you just don't see anymore.

    They're open seven days a week and open til 8pm on weeknights. They typically clear 100% of deposited checks the next business day. Everyone there is super-nice and they're interested in long term banking relationships with you and get to know you personally.

    My branch manager has jumped through hoops for me a couple times and has earned my business for life.

    My bankcard Visa number was lifted somewhere during a roadtrip and $5,000 of fraudulent charges appeared at months end. I reported the incident, filled out a short form at my branch, was issued a new Visa card and the funds were restored to my account within three days.

    Their balance sheet is relatively strong and their stock price has held up remarkably well.

    I don't care for some of the TD Bank crew that's merged with the Commerce people, but it's still the best service I've ever received at any bank.