which backtesting platform i can trust

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  1. I would really appreciate if anyone here with programming knowledge tell me which backtesting platform does not send saved strategies to it's host.
    in near future i will be buying backtesting platform i am thinking of TraderStudio or tickQuest ,i am also looking at Multicharts

    can anyone who went through this share their knowledge please.

    I live in Vienna,Austria and i am completely isolated from people who could know answers to this

    Big thanks

  2. you should look at tradelink, it is comparable platform yet open source so you know your strategies are not being shipped anywhere.
  3. Tradelink looks pretty good. However, remember that with open source software getting bug fixes and enhancements could be problematic. The Multicharts product is well-supported and I doubt seriously they would steal your strategies.
  4. not sure I agree. if you want something added to multicharts, good luck with that. no problem with open source.
  5. i read one thread few months ago here about experience trader had that his strategy was sent to Multicharts, later this was corrected as not the case.
    i will evaluate what you guys said so far.
    I thank you for taking time and write a reply here.
    All for free, i salute you fellas !

    anybody else can odd to this discussion?
  6. syswizard is right though about nobody who has been around a while is going to steal your ideas.

  7. Hi trademisters

    thanks for your reply.

    are you using tradelink or anyone on the forum for that matter? what are the pluses of this platform,what gave you hassle or difficulty?

    if you may share this i would really appreciate your reply

    is possible to calculate portfolio using tradelink?
    running more than one strategy at the same time
  8. farjeon


    If you want to test systems at the portfolio level then I would recommend Mechanica. I've been using it successfully for 7 or 8 years now. Very flexible and solid piece of software.


    I have no affiliation with them.
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    Hello, it was me who wrote that and then lateron I realized that it is not the case. So, no worries.

    I have been a regular user of MC for years now. Software is good for beginners.

    When you become advanced, well it has limitations. But if you are starting out in trading, go for it. It is worth the cost.

    Gosh - I recommend Multicharts so many times and to so many individuals, MC management should pay me a cut. :cool:
  10. yeah i use tradelink and contribute features back sometimes.

    it's a good platform esp now it's been around a while it seems to work well for most people. it's easy to get started, people are helpful on community as long as you're not a d@ck.

    in terms of looking at it, nothing special to do. for whatever platforms you look at.... make sure your broker is supported and can get quotes in your markets. then build a simple strategy in all your eval platforms... whichever one is easiest/fastest for you, choose that one.

    if you want to be able to add features down road, just make sure it's open source. not a must have for everybody, but very nice to have imo.
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