Which are the best books to understand stock market and stock charts?

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  1. I know there are many books out there. But is there any personal favorite books particularly one book that has changed your way of trading?
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    William O Neill's Books; Jack Schwagers top Trading books+ home/commercial printed chart books can be a big help...................................................................:cool::cool:
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    Stan Weinstein
    Nicholas Darvis
  5. Thank you for the helpful reply. I really appreciate the suggestions.
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    Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder
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    How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times Or Bad
    Book by William O'Neil
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  8. :cool:
    His Short Sellin Books has some real good charts;
    even though i seldom short his small caps, many are under 1 million average day volume.Sounds like they are still bearish on SPY ''big outflows'' They are showing 200dma on SPY; $275 area[bearish] but positive year to date + dividends
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    In order to understand this market takes time. Of course, books help us to shape our thoughts, but without practice, this is not enough.
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  10. thank you a lot!
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