Which are good swing trading stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brook89, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. brook89


    I have been trying to find a few stocks to follow for swing trading.

    So far i found that SMH is a good one to follow ( good volatility, lands itself well to simple TA etc.)

    I would like to find maybe 5 or 6 stocks that fit those criteria.

    Any opinions appreciated.
  2. ABC works for me.

  3. agpilot



    You might look at BBH. It's same type of ETF but does not
    track SMH much of the time.
    Or you could look at some of the highest volume
    stocks that make up those two ETF's. AMAT, AMD,TXN etc
    in the SMH and MLNM, BIIB, AMGN etc in the BBH.

    Lately WMH or BDH or IGN would have been good 2.

    ag pilot
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