whew, what a week...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lylec305, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. lylec305


    This has been a tough week, glade it's over. I need a drink. Any predictions for next week...
  2. Did anyone here make a killing in the shock market this week,

    What %, or points, did you make, o_O
  3. Robert Morse

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    You might want another drink next week. :D
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  4. lylec305


    For sure, you buyin ...
  5. prc117f


    I hope we get more of the same next week.
  6. lylec305


  7. lylec305


    This week ended much better than the previous week. Next week will start off well but it may end up in the gutter.
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  8. I guess that's why you're the vendor, RM...wrong market call prediction, :caution: :)

    This week was rather relatively tame, and normal and boring and calm...compared to the previous week.
    That was a quick, maybe temporary, market storm gyration. mini-correction, only.
  9. Robert Morse

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    I was not making a call, I was making a joke. Not really a vendor either. Just a squirrel looking for a nut.

  10. Here4money


    My experience as well... Been bullish for a while but this month I'm down -3% from a +15% last month
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