Where's Waldo: Zimmerman goes missing

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    I guess he didn't want to get lynched.
  3. He could have '' stood his ground''
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    His lawyers tried to open a website in his name and cash in so he short circuited that and started his own site. Those lawyers are fired, there will be new lawyers if lawyers are needed at all.

    I say he has left the country. That is exactly what was necessary. Now he can sit back and collect money in safety. At least that is what I read on Drudge, I don't read links Brass supplies, ever.
  5. Zimmerman's lawyers withdraw from shooting case

    SANFORD, Fla. — Two attorneys for the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin withdrew from the case Tuesday they say because they haven't heard from George Zimmerman in days and he is taking actions related to the case without consulting them.

    Attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig said at a news conference they haven't heard from George Zimmerman since Sunday. They said that against their advice, Zimmerman contacted special prosecutor Angela Corey who will decide if he should face charges. A spokeswoman for Corey's office didn't immediately respond to an email and two phone calls.

    Sonner said he had talked to Zimmerman almost every day the last couple months.

    "As of the last couple days he has not returned phone calls, text messages or emails," Sonner said. "He's gone on his own. I'm not sure what he's doing or who he's talking to. I cannot go forward speaking to the public about George Zimmerman and this case as representing him because I've lost contact with him."

    Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defense after following the teenager in a Sanford, a gated community outside Orlando on Feb. 26. He says he was returning to his truck when Martin attacked him and that he shot the unarmed teen during the fight. He wasn't arrested partly because of Florida's stand your ground self-defense law.

    The lack of an arrest has led to protests across the nation and spurred a debate about race and the laws of self-defense. Zimmerman's father is white and his mother is Hispanic. Martin was black.

    Uhrig said that he and Sonner were concerned about their now ex-client.

    "George Zimmerman, in our opinion, and from information made available to us, is not doing well emotionally, probably suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome," Uhrig said. "We understand from others that he may have lost a lot of weight."

    "George can't get in a car and drive down to some office center to go in and see the psychologist," Uhrig said. "There's a bounty out on his head whether it's believed to be real or not, it's out there. He probably watches more of this every day than he should. He is largely alone. You might even say he is emotionally crippled by virtue of the pressure of this case.

    "To handle it this way, suggests that he may not be in complete control of what's going on. We're concerned for his emotional and physical safety," Uhrig said.

    He isn't sure why Zimmerman has decided to suddenly change directions but speculated that the pressure of being in hiding, fearing for his life, not being able to talk to family and friends, "pushed him a little over the edge and he reached the point of saying 'I'm just going to take care of this myself.'"

    Zimmerman also has been in touch with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, but Uhrig couldn't find out what they spoke about.

    He said after they found out that news, the "final straw" came when they learned Zimmerman contacted Corey's office and said he wanted to meet. Uhrig said he told her that he no longer had attorneys whom he called "legal advisers" representing him.

    Uhrig said they were "a bit astonished" that he had contacted her on his own and that Corey and her team refused to talk to a potential defendant or suspect without counsel.

    Sonner, the first attorney Zimmerman contacted after the shooting, said he agreed to take the case on a pro bono basis until Zimmerman is perhaps charged.

    "George Zimmerman does not owe me money," Sonner said.

    Sonner said he has never talked to Zimmerman face-to-face, only on the phone, and that the 28-year-old man has gone into hiding but that he believes he's still in the U.S. Both attorneys said they'd be willing to represent him again if he asks.

    Ben Crump, an attorney for Martin's family, said they're concerned that Zimmerman could be a flight risk if he is charged with a crime since his ex-attorneys don't know how to contact him.

    "At this point, we're just concerned that nobody knows where he is at. Nobody knows how to get to him," Crump said.

    Zimmerman set up a website therealgeorgezimmerman.com to collect money from his supporters, but the attorneys didn't know about it until they started getting questions from the media, Sonner said. They had worked with his father and others to set up a different account and when they started getting questions about the new site, Uhrig assumed it was "bogus."

    But since then, they determined the site is legitimate.

    Sonner said that he stands behind his statements that Zimmerman did act in self-defense, however, "I just can't proceed to represent a client who doesn't stay in contact with me."

    Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. Attorney in Miami, said it is unusual for attorneys to hold a news conference to explain why they no longer are representing a client.

    "The lawyers have every right to withdraw, but it's highly unusual, and it will be controversial, for counsel to describe their client's erratic behavior," said Coffey, who is now in private practice. "In the court of public opinion, the press conference was not helpful for George Zimmerman."

  6. Publicity stunt. I will admit to getting aggravated in the extreme with the usual assholes on this forum, as anyone who accesses the search function here can see for himself, but the man deserves a competent lawyer, since at this point it really is true we don't know what happened that night. These guys ain't what Zimmerman needs, based on this ridiculous press conference.
    Zimmerman, on top of this, isn't doing himself any favors by talking to Hannity and then contacting the prosecutor. He has to remember that bit about "anything you say can be used against you". Hannity can now be subpeonaed and made to reveal what Zimmerman said to him. Not good.