where's the vol?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gaj, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. gaj


    7 point on the naz...

    35 points on the dow.

    where's the vol???
  2. Maybe everyone filled?

    Or maybe they're all in the Hamptons washing their Lambo's.
  3. All the suckers done buying?
  4. We can't breach 13,000 - it's over, we're goign to drop 10% now* :)

    *I reserve the right to define 'now' as anywhere from 4/23/07 to 4/23/50
  5. Lucrum


    Well, at least your flexible.
  6. Don't leave the party now, it's just getting started. Cramer just said, and i quote "you have to wonder why you would ever sell a stock."
  7. I remember a few weeks ago when he was recomending Vonage saying how easily it could turn around with a good contract, hehe :D
  8. Sell in May and go Away.

    Worked beautifully last year. Beautifully.

    Come back in June and buy the pullbacks if the consumer hasn't hung herself with Dolce & Gabbana gold shoelaces yet.

  9. semiopen


    Volume is critical unless the market is moving in the direction that you expect.