Where's The True War Concern?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by canyonman00, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. I am now weighing the impending Iraq encounter and wondering if we are focusing correctly. I have some major concerns about the different associations that have been sprouting to light internationally of late.

    I see the alliance of Russia (remnants), Red China, Saudi Arabia and certain terrorist states being a true concern. Saudi sources are almost openly financing many covert operations around the world. The military here has been downsized and weakened. Our behind-the-scenes intelligence is really lacking. I don't think that Sadamn is the main concern that we should be speaking to here.

    The holy war on America that exists now will not go away if (when) we attack Sadamn. We are setting another explosive charge here that we are not looking at the consequences for. While I support the removal with prejudice Sadamn and his regime, I think at the same time we need to understand that there IS a war that IS going on in the minds of the children there. It is there NOW and it will be alive for many generations to come. We are already involved in a quiet education war that we are losing.

    The hatred that exists is not about the need to keep oil away from America or its capitalist interests as we keep thinking. It's about a concept of hate the American way of life that has transferred down from many generations back. Just listen to the explanations and you hear images of hate of a day gone by, but now modernized.

    Many of those who spout hate for us, openly admit that they have never been here nor do they know anything other than what they despise. The American lifestyle is not studied, it is stereotyped and demonized for fanatical motivation. But has not America done that same thing to the many different peoples here and abroad? Not a complaint, just a question to open an internal observation.

    Has the dust of time and a few generations of technology/prosperity in America made us a bit too complacent in the arena of world wars and affairs? I would also ask why this information is not being shared with the average man-on-the-street? Too often the average person has that deer-in-headlights look when told about this stuff after trouble is on the doorstep.

    Bin Ladin was the opening salvo in a new type of war theory being practiced. I feel it was just the FIRST test of the water. A purposeful misdirection play if you will. I think we are now looking for a gun when we should be hunting the party who ordered the shooter and the other powers behind the scenes. Just as with the war on drugs, we are again chasing JUST the street hustlers for the expression of our disgust and vengeance. Am I wrongly focused and concerned? Someone shake me up! :)
  2. What evidence do you see that Russia, China and Saudi are forming alliances? The stuff I've been reading seems to indicate that if anything, since 9/11 their relations have gotten worse with each other while US relations with those 3 countries have been improving.
  3. I am looking into the information that I have now and as I verify its validity I will provide access information for you. For now, I would only say that there seems to be some interesting relationships developing in those fronts. Both on the political side and in the business community.

    In all fairness, it could be just commerce at work. So before I really start to get too uneasy, I am inquiring and researching. That was the reason for the post. I wondered if anyone else was noticing anything. I do try to do the homework in most instances. :)
  4. Just an update. My friends who live in Saudi Arabia (non-Arabs) are having a dickens of a time getting any straight answers to their questions involving some of the new capital investments (as they're called) being quietly made over there.

    These answers would start to confirm or rebut the new investment climate that they say is breaking out there. There have been some key individuals from both China and Russia there of late and they have been touting some of their "behind-the-scenes" control of the political heads of their respective countries. There is a new interest in technology investments in both countries. And while my friends have some connections, they themselves are non-Arabic so the trust with certain types of information is still a bit soft. :)