Where's The Professional ET Forex Traders?

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  1. I never found volume to be much use on forex (or hsi for that method).

    My test is: does the confirmation (or whatever setup it gives) result in an overall improvement in my expectancy.

    For forex (see too little of the total volume) and hsi (too many games being played at critical junctures) it didn't generate an improvement. For Nk and US stocks and indexes it was useful.

    So I trade price only for hsi and forex (with a couple of mas to improve my perception of trend, support and resistance).
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  2. The Elite Trader forex forums have died down recently compared to a year ago. Maybe the RefcoFX fallout had a negative effect?
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    Thanks for your reply,

    Volume definetly helped confirmation wise. I use a T3 Smoothed MA of Volume for analysis. Works well IMO.

    For some reason, I could never wrap my head around S&R trading. I used to use momentum based slowing and speeding to identify sup and res levels. I mean, I understand it, See it, Have traded it, just never felt comfortable with it. Guess I just need something more. To each his own I assume.

    If you get around to it, could you post an example trade you have done, or do you have a post I could relate to? Ill post a chart of mine aswell.

    Im actually just looking into the idea of diversifying my systems in order to be more consistent. Testing more strats.

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  4. LOL. How many figures of your returns in % (say 100% is 3 figures) did you make, as a great FX futures trader?

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    Another incarnation of Coinz. "...the forex" a dead giveaway. Who calls it "the forex"?
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  6. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1309552#post1309552

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  8. Looks like you haven't got the point Yet!

    I may be wrong, but my belief is no any truly successful FX futures trader would have the right of constantly belittling spot FX traders (or any traders), no matter you think how stupid or smart they are.

    There is another forum for "Financial Futures". :confused:

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    Thats true
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    I see the point you were trying to make oddtrader. I may not be seeing the context though.

    Back to the topic at hand, Does anyone trade FX Futures or FX Spot full time?


    - secxces
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