Where's the new bull market?

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  1. Consider trading volume. Average daily volume for all New York Stock Exchange stocks hit a record of 7.21 billion shares in March, as the rally began and heavy buying sent stocks sharply higher. That slipped to 6.42 billion in April, and so far this month, it is running at 5.14 billion, putting it well below the 2009 average of 6.15 billion a day.

    "A new bull market is one when investors are prepared to commit larger and larger amounts of new money to equities," says Paul Desmond, president of Lowry Research in North Palm Beach, Fla. "What we have seen here is a very consistent drop in total volume going back to early April."

    Mr. Desmond says his data, going back to the 1930s, don't show any new bull market with such a weak volume trend, which leads him to believe that this rally won't become a lasting bull market.

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    I refuse to subscribe to online publishers who require a subscription to read their articles. Maybe that is the trend but there are plenty of advertising based publishers who provide the same or better news and articles.

    As far as the market prognostication, either a bull or a bear, some will be right and others wrong. Isn't it enough to follow the trend?
  3. Does dark pool off exchange volume factor into this analysis?