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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by brigreene, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. brigreene


    Besides FNYS, where are the firms that ...

    a) do not require personal capital
    b) do not make you sign a long-term commitment
    c) allow you to trade using your own strategies
    d) are not impossible to get into?

    Is First New York the only one?

    Otherwise... how do I get a stake??

    I have some great trading strategies that have earned me a huge pctg. return... but, starting with $500, it will take me FOREVER to get a stake large enough to do this full-time.

    Where can I go, what can I do?

    Thanks guys.
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    Well, I started a profitable company: I used some of my profits to fund other businesses: the trading business is one of the investments.

    I never could find the perfect deal that you refer to .... the ones that came my way early in my carreer always ended up being too good to be true. I'm happy with the path that I took: bootstrapping rather than relying on a lot of capital from others. Today I take only small amounts of capital and retain controlling interests, and thus the decisions for managing my business investments are ultimately under my control.
  3. Check the Chapter 11 list.
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    Nice one Goldie. Sarcastic as hell, but funny none the less.

  5. So true!!!!
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    Why dont you just try to get into the training program at FNYS first you get a check for working there I know you wont be trading that quickly but you could save some of the money, they will license you and you will learn alot about the business and i heard that the training isnt as long as they say it is.
    good luck
  7. I have only poked around their website but FNYS seems like a great deal since they pay you and train you. However, does it not fall under the category of impossible to get into?
  8. atnewhighs

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    I dont know how easy it is to get in but I know someone that works the backoffice there and they said dont worry about all that stuff about good schools that there is alot of people working there without any degree at all.He also said that they give you a nice learning curve allowing you time to become profitable all in all nice team environment. Let me say this, all this is second hand information so you might want to check it out for yourself.
    good luck
  9. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    curious to know what software they use.....any ideas?
  10. InyOutty


    This thread is so contrived I think I'm gonna ralph.

    Didn't you FNYS guys learn anything from Andover's lame attempts to stealth spam Elite Trader???
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