Where's the info before 2003.08.09

Discussion in 'Forex' started by jaburns82, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. jaburns82


    Hey guys, I'm trying to get detailed charts going back past August 9 of 2003, for the GBP/USD. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. H1 charts a must, anything smaller would be a bonus. Thanks In Advance!!!
  2. Peter35


    I'm also interested in charts before 2003,any help?
  3. There's 2 ways to obtain data from Alpari.

    1: I use Alpari's MetaTrader 3 'demo only' program which for instance has gbpusd Weekly from: Jan 2/1978, Daily from: Jan 3/1978
    select chart/timeframe then File/SaveAs to obtain xls files.

    not sure if the 'demo/real' MetaTrader 4 has different data.

    2: Use Alpari's 'Data Bank' for direct download of data: