Where's the inflation? US CPI unexpectedly drops 0.1%

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    I agree. The inflation hawks (like me) see the eventuality of inflation 3 to 5 years down the road. Perhaps, sooner.

    The European debacle put the squeeze on confidence and global markets. Until there's some firm resolution or bailout, everyone is playing defense. Just my opinion.
  2. a cause for concern? whaaatt?
    how do you like the fact that every thing of everyday use like fuel, electricity, clothes, computers, food, cosmetics, etc. already is or immediately can be produced at a 1/100 of the current sale price?

    more, it can be produce in abundance so great it is well beyond the demand of current global population?

    obviously, it is fantastic for billions of people.
    who will not benefit? only the top figures from banks, central banks, politicians,lawyers, kings and queens, and the poor souls owning the corporations like Exxon, Saudi Aramco...
  3. Right. I forgot. Don't pay attention to anything any government says because it's all manipulated.

    This data sure doesn't support your long gold rants, does it?
  4. Please...

    Think about the entire effects of deflation before making such comments.

    Who will not benefit? Anyone who owes money. Anyone who wants to sell their car. Anyone who wants to sell their house. I could go on but I won't.

    In any case, although some claim to have a crystal ball and "know" inflation is coming, I prefer to look at the facts and not pretend to be able to see into the future. The facts that I'm seeing so far say no significant inflation.

    I know the deflation/inflation debate has been beat to death in the past, but I just can't help myself. :D
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    Inflation is coming, just give it some time.
  6. But you're still a massive bear on real estate (as per your posts).

  7. inflation wont kick in until US households recover, which could take quite a while. But then inflation will go through the roof, that is a given.

    Before that it is quite logical that consumer prices will decrease. Calls for inflation are thus premature.

  8. I think you mean calls for inflation are PREmature. In which case I agree with you. However, I do not posess a crystal ball like you do. Surely you will be able to profit immensley since you already know that inflation going through the roof is a given?
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