Where's the best place to buy a new computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pookie, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I'm looking to buy a new desktop computer that doesn't have all the crap software loaded on it. Is this possible?

    Best to buy online or at brick n mortar?
  2. Trading computer or gaming?
  3. I've had success with VelocityMicro.com. I like VelocityMicro.com quite a bit, because their service was great and they gave me a good price back when i7 systems weren't even shipping at other retailers.

    I went to these guys after Dell really disappointed me -- every single Dell box I've bought has had components burn out on me within 2 years, even the higher end business stuff. Only good thing about Dell is if you buy their business line, they give good customer support.

    Newegg.com is good for buying pieces individually.

    For brick and mortar, try Fry's Electronics (if there is one in your area.) I like TigerDirect less, but I buy parts from there once in a blue moon.
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  5. Best place to look is Dell Outlet... for a T3500. Nothing comparable in its price range if you buy "right"...

    How many monitors do you want to run? How much do you plan on spending?
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    Thanks, clearinghouse. I'll check out VelocityMicro.
  7. You must be doing something wrong... or your power source is causing failures... I've had a dozen Dells without a single failure over the last 12 years. I currently have 5, Dells in my home network... and if Dell products were truly crappy as you suggest, I would have abandoned them long ago.

    Dell Outlet currently has a T3500 w/W3530 CPU for $639. Plenty fast, and you're unlikely to find a better computer at that price or better value anywhere.
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    I'd like to run 2 monitors and stay under $1200.
  9. Forget brick and mortar for anything > 2 monitors.
  10. For 2 monitors, you can buy ANY modern computer... a single dualhead video card will do all the heavy lifting.

    Check around. If it looks like you might buy one for >$639, you should buy the Dell T3500 instead. It's an EXCELLENT computer.. waaayy better than the budget stuff you might find at Best Buy.
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