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    Do we have to argue the same old tired questions? "Is margin good? Is margin bad? Should we use margin at all?"

    Personally, for a change, I'd love to see someone break some NEW ground. Explore something provocative, insightful. Some thing interesting that gets passion in the blood once again! But no, all we get is the same insipid topics...nothing new, just endless repetition of the same.

    WHERE'S THE BEEF I ASK YOU??!! The "STUFF" that makes for real trading knowledge and insight! The stuff we can bring to the trade tomorrow to make money! To bring us even greater success!


  2. I gotta agree with you somewhat. Lately, at least half of the threads have been about the same 2 things. Either how to use ib software (look at archives, I'm confident that most is there, or upgrade to a better platform) or people complaining about the new margin rules. I agree it sux for many of you, but it's a done thing, so it's worthless to continue debating. Lets get some other good ideas for threads going. I really don't know what the topic could be, but those same 2 ideas are starting to get stale.
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    incredible. I agree with you.

    However, usually more senior members answer new members questions. Repetition is hard to avoid. I wish people would use the 'search' feature, it works well and would avoid some of the repetition.

    As far as ground breaking posts are concerned, well, there are some nice threads but, indeed, sometimes hidden among the trivial repetitive stuff.

    of course, traderX please bring something up :)

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    A few days ago rtharp started a thread named "TradeRX.....and NVDA" which was to be dedicated to TradeRX's method for capturing the slinky, slimy and sometimes very slippery twists and turns of NVDA.

    From what I recall TradeRX's response was: "rtharp...[expletive deleted]"

    Which would explain why the whole thread was removed by the moderator.
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    To give credit where credit is due, you have been quite active along these lines with your "Great New Pattern" method. (You may have had a co-author, if so, I commend the both of you) To give up to all in detail this proprietary tech is an act of generousity seldom seen here. Hitman is another who generously offers up good solid trading ideas and advice. I wish we could get more of the same from the others. Let us talk again about the nuts & bolts of trading. The stuff that really matters to our bottom lines. Stuff that we can bring to the trade the next day that improves our performance. Cmon guys....Let's hear how YOU do it!



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    praetorian2 Great Idea! But in about four months 90% of the folks that you are posting threads with are going to be just a memory. A Pattern Day Trader is a very sinister, evil individual that needed to eliminated. And they did!!!
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    Here's the formation I've been using with very little success. And you'll see why pretty soon.

    Use Bollinger Bands with 1-minute chart on your favorite stock. In your case, TradeRX, it would be NVDA.

    Now watch carefully, this is tricky to catch.

    You want the top BB line to form a nice smooth umbrella shape, just like the top part of a hamburger bun. At the same time, you want the bottom BB line to form a nice smooth sink, almost like the bottom part of the hamburger bun.

    In the middle, the stock needs to do some serious consolidation so that it's really dark and thick, just like hamburger meat that's well-done.

    Once all three patterns are in alignment then you have a buy signal ... to eat!!

    In other words, where's the beef? Burger King, of course.

  8. MGB, ROFLMAO =)

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    Great post, cracked me up. For a minute there I thought you were going to give away tradeRX's proprietary secrets for nailing NVDA for 3-5 pts every day. Whew. Glad it turned out, instead, to be just a delicious treat ;)
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    >In other words, where's the beef?
    >Burger King, of course.

    I thought the beef was at Wendy's.

    Nice one MGB. :)

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