Where's Michael Scott?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by baller1069, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. ?
  2. He is on his private plane taking pictures.
  3. That's funny shit!
  4. Surdo


    Actually he is having a circle jerk with Timmay & Myminitrading on his Yacht.

  5. LOL I'll never forget when that shit was circulating on ET. LOL!
  6. Reaver, can't you even be honest with yourself. You posted on July 30 at TradersLab that you couldn't even think of surfing on ET anymore let alone post and here you are playing with yourself again on things that won't help you one iota in trading.


    For once in your life be truthful and get out of here.

    Sorry to hear about the foreclosure notice you recently received from the marshal. You should have listened to others before you quit your real job, trying your hand at FX trading. Don't think the Mrs. is going to continue to put 10% of her income into your trading piggybank only to see it go down the tubes when the propane bill for your trailer is sitting on the kitchen table waiting to get paid.


    Owned again! Priceless!
  7. LOL
    I'm a self made trader that got out of the military and hit the civilian world hard and fast, starting with nothing. I am going from swing trading to day trading...what is the problem with that?

    Also, you'd be surprised how much money you can make in FX.....the only reason I am working towards futures is because it (futures trading ) is regulated and I am not an idiot....I have earned plenty of money trading forex and don't want it to go bye bye because some scam artist shuts down shop and rolls with my money. Gee whiz..keep the character bashing coming...lol

    Am I supposed to be embarrased that I have to make my own trading capital to go from 9 to 5 to full time trading? That my mommy and daddy didn't give it to me? Should I pretend that the money magically appeared in my account for me to trade? You are just mad that I am not one of those morons that would buy your Trading Zoo snake oil you keep peddling.

    Not sure where you keep getting this foreclosure stuff from..I work in mortgages...I wasn't stupid enough to get one of those dumbass loans, and I'm not subprime...I got a VA. Jackass.

    Fine, I feel sorry for you if you don't think that's admirable. You are delusional in that case.

    Say what you want clown.

    P.S. are you making up links? are you friends with Timmay? Is that where you get your self-delusion/snake oil peddling doubletalk from?
  8. Oh yeah, Michael Scott was the "private plane picture" guy. We need to get him back here!!
  9. He is still around....

    he just hides from us Steely. lol

    He learned his lesson on the Timmay threads! ha ha ha
  10. Remember that great pic of Michael Scott on that private plane...

    ....wonder if someone can scrape that back out of cyberspace and post it....
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