Where's Lundy and his BOTTOM?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader99, Jul 19, 2002.

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    Yoohoo.. Please tell us if this is the bottom...

  2. Yeah, I offer a big fu*king smile to lundy. Told ya bitch.
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    Wow, such anger.

    spoos are now close to ("historical") fair value - it is hard to say what will happen from here on in, but spoos are, IMHO, 50/50 in the short term and perhaps even in the intermediate term.

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    I don't offer anger. It's just funny that the Dow has been going down for 9 weeks. NINE WEEKS STRAIGHT if you count when it first starts to drop.

    I mean no one knows where the bottom is. And that's not even the point of trading/investing. It's pointless. If you going to be a "guru", then you should try it call it within a few days or at most a week.

    The so called "gurus" of the last big crash in 1987 called the crash within days of it and got instant fame. Though I must admit it was probablyl uck b/c subsequently their calls were so off it was unbelievable.

    If you want to be a "guru" then go ahead and call tops and bottoms, but if you want to make money just trade what you see!
  5. Are you people traders or just a bunch of whining p**ies? I am just getting sick and tired of this search for the bottom. Many threads here seem to be just about that. That's ridiculous. What does it matter where the bottom is? As long as the market moves any way there is always a way to make money. If it did not move you should be concerned, but that's not the case here.

    So what's your friggging problem? I really can't get it! The trend is pretty obvious here, so why don't you follow it and quit whining. And if it changes go with the new trend, that's as simple as that, any trader should know this, and you consider yourselves elite traders, right?
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    Yep! That's what this whole thread is about. That is my POINT EXACTLY!

    I was merely pointing out that Lundy's call for the bottom for an entire month has been wrong and POINTLESS. Because that's NOT the role of traders. You just trade what you see.

    good trading
  7. that isn't the point. most of us already know this, but it seems lundy doesn't. that's why it's funny to some of us that he keeps calling a bottom, keeps on being wrong, and continues to make more predictions.

    i'm not really bashing lundy, i have no problem with him or whatever he says. i just find some of his statements a little humorous.
  8. Yeah Wally, I think you misread this thread. None of us here try to catch falling knives....for Lundy, the bleeding never stops!!!
  9. Lundy, in another thread, said he grew up on food stamps. I guess the circle is complete now, just for trying to be a know-it-all.

    Cheerios make a good dinner sometimes, lol.
  10. Trading is all about calling tops and bottoms. Every time you go long you are calling a bottom. Every time you go short you are calling a top.
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