Where's Jack Hershey?

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  1. It means so little that you just HAD to respond.
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  2. LMAO.....Gordo.....I can't take it anymore.....Im ready to call a truce with you and get over our past differences....but i have to ask:

    Have you EVER read a word you post? you contradict yourself and sometimes say the most ridiculous things in the world...and then you top it off with your negativity statement.....remember how you and LS wrecked the Atkins thread with nothing but negativity? same with some of the religion threads where you would poke your head in out of left field and use such doozers as " F#ck GOD, F#ck the BIBLE"......im willing to move on from that but you really need to read what you post from thread to thread.
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  3. no where in the atkins diet thread did i encourage people to stay out of shape or to not become who they want to be. if you think i was negative it was because i was pointing out problems with what was being discussed.

    my anti-religious statements are due to my 0% endorsement of religion. i have negativity towards religion ITSELF, not towards individual people. i'm sorry but religions are probably just not true. i am actually trying to help people become better by saying what's really going on.
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  4. WHHHHHeeeeww!!

    Thank Goodness Gordo is educating us!!!

    I give up...
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    Given his age, what do you expect? :p
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    You are religiophobic.

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  8. How can you be positive towards others if you do not believe? What is your basis?
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  9. are you asking how can i be a positive person without believing religion? or are you asking how can i be positive by being negative towards religion?

    a huge distinction needs to be made here. if i were to say 1+1 is not 3, i am being negative to someone who does not agree. that is different from telling the person they will never become a mathematician and that they are a failure.

    there is simply no need to call traders failures because they made mistakes, as ARogueTrader did to me in this thread.
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  10. Considering the things you have said over the last month, aren;t you being a little thin skinned here?
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