Where's Jack Hershey?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by demonet, Oct 27, 2003.

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    LOL!! Nothing like expert opinion. :D
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  2. go ahead and do your fake laugh to act like i'm full of shit.

    you know you have problems with yourself. no one who is happy with theirself would treat people the way you do.
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  3. WHOOAaa....this is going to give that other quote a run for its money ....Gordon with the best understatement of the year..."Sometimes im a jerK',,,LMAO......Sometimes you breath too!!!:p :p

    ....but at least there is a glimmer of hope that GG is FINALLY getting it .....and i do agree that jack should be left alone...Im telling you he has some good stuff there BUT....INandlong had to interpret and cut through all the paragraphs to make it work for me.
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    Who's acting? :D
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  5. Gordo, I have always smiled on you fondly, and will continue to do so. But you and several others are not in possession of the facts regarding Mr. Hershey.

    Hershey started a fight with me in my forum (TA) because I deleted a personal attack he made on another member. Irate at the deletion, he then directed his attack at me, which I deleted. He became ever more insensed and continue his barrage, some of which I was forced to delete.

    The circumstances of his expulsion are unknown to me but I gather he harrassed too many members.

    My personal feeling is he is full of shit, that he preys upon lost youngsters who have failed at trading (not unlike yourself), and presents himself as the steady raft in the turbulent sea.

    I don't know whether his specific trading methods are effective or not, as he has bever been able to explain them. This he says is the fault of the reader, not him. He speaks in tongues, commands you to free your mind (or miss the money train) and follow his pied piper rantings. By the time the lost soul should discover what Jack is about, he is in too deep to and exists in a state of denial. He has become a Happy Jackster.

    Jack is a power trip, and unlike most trading gurus who spout a method, he spouts a psuedo Zen frame of mind. Sort of like a Marxist, he says that if you understand him, you can only accept him.

    I understand him, I reject him.

    He is nasty, mean, immature, bullying. He uses threats whenever someone challenges him and he has done so now, in his alias as Grob109, telling Baron to delete this thread or he will get his gang to badmouth the site to Barrons.

    All are free to go strum the chords of Happy Jack.
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  6. Don't hold back your feelings....tell us how you REALLY feel:confused:
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  7. dgabriel,

    just so you know, i try not to hold grudges. i don't consider myself at war or anything with you or dbphoenix because of what i said. i am not like that. i just did not like your first reply in this thread, but i do think you should be able to say what you want.

    as for this:
    i am not a trading failure. no trader is without failures. i would be a failure if i wanted to keep going, but gave up. also, i am who i am now, not who i was 6 months ago, a year ago, or two years ago. no one but me knows where my trading is at right now.
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  8. Fascinating rationalization of one who failed.
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  9. take your negativity elsewhere. it means nothing to me.

    i can tell you are not great; you would not have your current attitude if you were. and as long as you stay this way, you will continue to be no one great.
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    Beautiful.....Im going to post this all over my house....By far your best piece of work.....
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