Where's Jack Hershey?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by demonet, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. dbphoenix


    I have a suggestion. How 'bout making it impossible for someone like Jack who is banned to do no more than adopt an alias - Grob - and simply log right back on?

    You're not dealing from a position of strength here, Jack.
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  2. How's it hanging Jack? Thinned skinned as usual I see. Tossing lame threats around.
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  3. demonet


    You two really are a couple of malicious bullies. And I am guessing that it is not just in regard to Jack; we have seen from dgabriel how he lashes out when cornered.

    Maybe you guys should change your usernames to Leopard and Loeb and post in pairs whenever you spot another member who disagrees with you.

    Anyway, I have no problem with closing this thread. If you notice from my first post, I was just seeking information and even offered that someone email me instead of posting Jack's whereabouts.

    I certainly wasn't trying to "plug" JH. I can't imagine that as a result of someone posting a link here to Jack's MSN group any benefit would inure to him. He is not compensated my MSN for increased membership to his MSN group. I certainly gain nothing (and I only became a member today), except maybe to endure more voices to struggle over to ask questions.

    For dgabriel to even suggest that promoting Jack was my "thinly-veiled" motive in starting this thread is evidence of his paranoia and all-around misanthropic tendencies.

    With that... my last stab at dg, I am happy to continue and move on to discussing trading and end the vitriol (or at least part I had in it).
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  4. Dgabriel,

    All you do is harass other people. Do you find pleasure in Ruining other peoples threads? If you could imagine yourself years from now, looking back on today, you would realize that what you are doing is malicious and very hurtful. Is this the way you want too be looking at yourself years from now? Someone who is a real Dick and deliberately likes too sabotage someone else's good intentions. If this is your purpose, than you are doing a great job. Many people appreciate and could learn from Jack Hershey. I, personally am one of those. If you cant learn from his methods, then post about why you cant understand how the method doenst work. Dont post nonsense about telling other poeple too FUCK OFF. How does that help? Why ruin it for other people who do value what he posts and do understand? Is that how you want too be percieved in ET? I think that you are a bigger person than this. Look at inanlong for example. He said the same hurtful malicious things you said. He, now in my book, is worthy of many accolades. He swallowed his pride and really looked into what Jack had too offer. As you can tell, he had a 180 degree turn around, and now after getting the facts, sees value in Jack's method. Do you really want too be THAT person who takes away from people who see value in what he sais?

    The truth is, You are making yourself out too be a person who is being looked down upon in ET with the way you are currently carrying yourself. Moderator or not, grow up and be someone who cares. Not someone who wants too take away from other people. I personally am an avid follower of Jack.

    Do i think He is the only way. No. Are ALL the people that see value in what he posts happy with him. NO. Does Jack have something too offer. YES. Are they all good intentions too help others. YES. Do you want too be the dick who ruins other peoples good intentions? I hope not. I think you are a bigger person than that.


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  5. I have 1279 posts so far, and the vast majority are free of rancor.

    I thought only God had the honor of of having his pronoun capitalized.
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  6. ElCubano


    it wasnt an opinion.....someone please tell Dfag the difference
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  7. My intent was not too put Jack in the same context of God. I was just putting the emphasis on He. Too show that His trading methods are not the only way too trade.


    please do not take offense too what i am saying. I was just trying too show you that you are really acting like a big Dick. I, personally, think that no one purposely tries too be harmful too other people. I think you are a much better person than what you are showing yourself too be on ET.

    If you are a real dick in life and act like this normally, so be it.But I believe once you realize what you are doing, you will show the better part of yourself.

    I sincerely hope you do not take away from other people's pleasure anymore. I believe You are a better person than this.

    I put you with a capital Y. lol. Im not calling you God though. I always got C's in grammar. Thats y i am a trader.


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  8. This may be ET quote of the year LOL....Don;t take this personally, but your a dick!!!

    ...I love this board:D :D
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  9. IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF, there is absolutely no need to be brutally mean to someone else. by brutally mean, i mean that you're not trying to be humorous, playful, or ruffling feathers to get a discussion going; you are only trying to hurt people's feelings.

    all you people being total dicks are just making yourself look bad.

    when i'm a jerk sometimes in religion debates, i don't mean it personally and i'm being playful. occasionally i will be brutal, but it will be in response to someone who is being unnecessarily brutal, for example, 90% of dbphoenix's posts.

    anyway, if you don't like jack, don't read his posts. let jack and the people that like him do their thing. there is absolutely NO NEED to make jack feel bad. PEOPLE THAT DO THIS HAVE PERSONAL ISSUES WITH THEMSELVES; DON'T PRETEND YOU DON'T, LOSERS.

    i will declare right now, dgabriel and dbphoenix have some problems with themselves; sorry, but it's obvious.

    p. s. i am NOT trying to force dgabriel or dbphoenix to change; they can be who they want to be. i'm just wondering why they go out of their way to brutally hurt people's feelings. if that's what you want to do, go ahead, but that's pretty messed up.
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