Where's Jack Hershey?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by demonet, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Your insensed responses suggest that you have an emotional connection to Mr. Hershey far beyond that of a direction seeker.
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  2. gms


    "ask him if the ET boot stuck up his ass is uncomfortable or not, hehehe" and "If you can't find Jack, call 1-800-GET-GURU. Press #2 for trading mentorship." is criticism? There's not a speck of critique in that. They are crude one-sided comments that you're now attempting to spin as criticism. Apparently, you're not familiar with the definition of 'criticism' or 'moderator'. Spare me the next post where you explain how indeed 'boot up the ass' and 'call Get GURU' is a critique, and see if you can draft up a resignation or an apology instead.

    If you want to post that type of commentary, why not register a non moderator membership with which to make those posts so that they're made outside of your official position here?

    Hey folks, Moderator dgabriel may post some bullshit about you too someday. Is that when you think he should draw the line?
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  3. Good idea about a second persona. Please accept this comment in a completely non-official capacity: go fuck yourself
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  4. xorrex


    dgabriel, your posts meet the criteria of 'problematic', why don't you moderate yourself? You sound like a 20 yr old on a power trip. Dumb.
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  5. Go tell your mommy , immediately she will reward you.
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  6. demonet


    hmmmm dgabriel....offering up those intelligent retorts again... Careful, your disadvantaged childhood is showing.

    Wow, one really has to admire a moderator who, as a representative of ET, not only breaks rules he is being charged with upholding (profanity), but does in such a way that he insults and degrades himself, the members, and the integrity of board all in one shot!

    You are battin' 1000 dgabriel.....I like your style!!!

    You remind me of someone who was too lazy to finish high school, but is still mad at the world for his inability to fit in and as a consequence, gets fired from every job he gets.

    Which brings up a valid point....maybe you should be "fired" from this one too. Your bitterness, inability to control your temper, and persistent difficulty in expressing your anger with any intelligence doesn't sound like "moderator" material to me...
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  7. bobcathy1

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    demonet......don't take things so seriously please. IMHO dg has fun giving the world "the finger" so please do not spoil it for him.
    I have been fingered by him many a time, so do not take it to heart. He likes to point out bullshit when he sees it. Atta boy.

    We all have too much time on our hands lately with this ridiculous excuse for a market. And boys will be boys.:p
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  8. demonet


    That's taking it a bit too far. I have a great sense of humor, and I would probably find a amusing a member who always came into a thread with both pistols blazing, but for a moderator to act like that is disturbing and irresponsible.
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  9. bobcathy1

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    Yes, his comments pissed me off at first. But after a while you will find his stuff humorous (when it is not directed at you of course.)

    If someone offends you, just use the ignore function. Saves a lot of typing......
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  10. There is another thread on taxes and stuff that was moved to the bottom.

    ET is run by rules and occasionally Baron references them to us for his reasons.

    ET experienced the contributions of a person who joined in 2001 and posted tax answers that people wanted. People appreciated them but they had to be deleted because of the rules.

    Moderators edit here. I know that quite well from the psy forum.

    The tax answers could have been edited but an approach was used to garner possible income instead. It failed and ET gets to be what it is and less a tax advisor who contributed for years.

    Andre set the standard of ET straight, then Baron did too. It is going to be what it is. Reading Andre is a shame for ET.

    There is a vocal minority present who really bear down on the quality of life here outside of the moderators and the owner. Their polls and their ranking on the lists set the tone and scope often. The less than enchanting vocal display makes the place mediocre through and through for sure. It comes down to their mental acuity, primarily.

    Cyber space is untapped at this point. What could it be? Scientist gave me my marching orders. Excellence is the way to behave and contribute. Only excellence. He said do not feed these elements that need attention and use AGM's (Attention Getting Mechanisms). Starve them.

    Were this place a citadel of excellence what would it be like?

    Excellence is easy to do. As it pervades ET, the advertising revenues are going to increase in a manifold way. Right now, in the financial industry, there is no cyber model that even comes close to excellence.

    We all know and have heard continually why ET has to remain in the state it is vis a vis management, moderation, and electronics. All of that is a priori at this point. There is no advertising stimulus here either. The paying customers are a self selecting group that get a payoff from their individual approaches as we see.

    I like high class humor and it's absence in ET is a classical example of how marginal a place can get. (I am aware of the jokes stuff in chit chat).

    To have excellence emerge as the imprimatur of ET is going to take a lot of work. In cyberspace, excellence can only come from one source. The vast spectrum of trading certainly, prima fascia, shows that there is no one way of doing anything. But all considerations of any thing whatsoever can be done in an excellent way.

    This thread shows the entire spectrum of quality. It is hard to conceive of moderator after moderator conducting assassination after assassination of people much less the same person.

    Since I approach ET from the viewpoint of excellence, I have to consider each offence I encounter and then turn it around into something of excellence. Here I request that the thread be closed and the vindictive edited out. Vindictiveness by moderators is not in the interest of the management. So it is going to be removed as an example. I stand for excellence and being vindictive towards me is irrational and unacceptable.

    The starter of the thread can find out where and how I operate. I do not convey that stuff to others here as is well known. As an amateur who makes a continual effort to help others, people in turn help me to be effective. It is catching on in ET at this point I follow along with the equities efforts. People who want help are getting good help continually. No one is feeding the vocal minority and their personal individual needs much anymore. I am getting the futures indexes thread loaded up from other threads. this thread was done at the initiative of a person who wanted information and it just drew flies including a moderator who does not behave properly in the context of excellence.

    I have people thrown out immediately, or if I request, by waiting for them to reconsider their ways, in places where we maintain excellence. Everyone recognizes that each individual does his own thing and we all recognize that most people are trying to improve over time by dropping bad stuff and bringing improvements that they find helpful into their pictures.

    We all here can simply continue to promote that process. It does not require agreement on anything. It just requires continual respect from each of us for the others here. People know full well that they are giving other rotten pictures of themselves when they do anything less than the best in their treatment of others.

    I hope there is a thread started somewhere that focuses on how to improve ET by getting across to the membership that it is their responsibility to set the standards of quality of ET. No one else can do it. I can see that moderators are a business adjunct to Baron and the direction he provides to them has a scope that gets the results ET now has. It is clear that a steady continuing effort has to be made by the membership to get this place to an acceptable humane level. Maybe then there can be an exchange on trading that is terrific and helpful to anyone who joins in.

    The letters currently going to the magazine Barron's, will surely impact this place in a hard and difficult way in the future if improvement doesn't show up through the membership starting about now.
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