Where's Jack Hershey?

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    In a "where's waldo" vein, I am asking those of you who enjoyed Jack Hershey's contribution to these boards to give me any information they may have as to his whereabouts.

    I recently found his "Futures Index Trading and Tool Box" thread, which prompted to me to read the HUGE "Stochastics Indicator" thread from which the former thread is derived and I have to say I really enjoyed what I read on trading ES, and I for one, believe this man is brilliant. Notwithstanding my opinion, I also belive that he may be so brilliant that he may teach in such a way that people need to struggle to keep up with his style of teaching. I know many were irritated with this.

    I understand that he was "banned" for reasons I still don't understand. Although he may still be here at ET under another name, I am not asking anyone to disclose that information.

    What I would like to know is what board/forum/mIRC/paltalk/yahoo group, or the like, he now may be on further spreading his word. I would like very much to continue my studies with him and am hoping someone could let me know where I can find him.

    I tried emailing him through this site but I fear that he may not be getting those emails....so if anyone knows anything, please let me know.

    Jack Hershey "non-believers" (those who feel is some feeble old charlatan) or those who feel it necessary to lecture me as to my perceived imprudence in seeking him out need not comment here.

    Also, if you feel uncomfortable, you may also PM me or email me through my username.


  2. i think the last post i saw jack was under the handle 'demonet'
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    That's me Einstein.
  4. Jack never strays too far. He'll read your post, email you, and you can become his everlasting acolyte. You can slalom your way to glory with Jack.

    If perchance you discover Jack to be any different from your current perception, you will be more than welcome to return to reality.

    BTW, ask him if the ET boot stuck up his ass is uncomfortable or not, hehehe
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    I find the above to be arrogant, pompous and far from the purported democracy on this board that "ET is self-regulated by its members" (which I saw you post in another thread). Rather, it sounds like you have a real deep-seeded animosity for the man. Why?, I don't know. I also don't know why he was kicked-off ET in the first place. Even if he turns out to be as loony as Howard Hughes, he meant and still does mean well. Besides, those who listen to him, do so out of choice. We don't need your protection from those that you perceive are "con men" -- we who only risk our time in learning from him.

    When I first read the posts of the Jack Hershey "skeptics", I gave them the credence that I feel everyone deserves before I know of their reputation. If they said Jack's method was BS, maybe they were right. So, I paused from my Jack Hershey learning and contemplated that perhaps Jack was either (i) a senile fool or (ii) some sadist who took joy in deceiving people. However, not willing to just accept anybody's opinion at face value, I thought I would listen to Jack's methodology and make my mind up for myself. I have since found it insightful, very helpful, and yes, so far profitable (but I am still learning). His methods also comport with my 1+ year of TA knowledge.

    I am not gullible, nor easily mislead; and even in the future, should I find Jack's method to be a fantastic waste of time, I would still give him a lot of credit for putting so much work into helping others to learn a system that clearly, he believes in. On his active msn group, he posts detailed charts regularly, engages in several pages of dialogue with his so-called "acolytes" on a daily basis, and if anything can be said, he certainly does it all with the sincerity of someone who I feel I can trust. That is more than I can say for you.

    You see, perhaps you, sir (like many on this board I have noticed), simply have an insecure and "elitest" bent about trading. It appears that whenever somebody else has an approach that may seem strange or unworkable to you (even if that person is not selling that approach), and if that same method promises profitability to those who work hard at it, but at the same time the method does not require the 5 or 10 years of backbreaking TA that you might have struggled with to advance along in your career (which, IMO, cannot be too far along as you would not take such joy in "booting" someone off this board if you were really successful or at least happy with yourself), well then it appears that you and your elitist and pedantic malcontents around here just form a mob and with your monarchal "moderator" power, remove this "subversive" from the ET -- notwithstanding that many, many others were sad to see him go.

    Personally, I believe that you, dgabriel, should take a few days and do a little introspection to find out why you are so bitter.

    Oh, and also, since you are so sure of yourself and your opinions, please be secure enough to restrain using your monarchal power from deleting this post or threatening me with "removal" from ET.

    And, I promise you, if I ever find out you were right, you would be the first to know it would come with a sincere apology. But, my past has shown me that I don't often make mistakes of that caliber. I am a pretty good judge of character.

    I think some people, yourself included, should not make snap judgements, for they seem egocentric in my opinion.

    Thanks for letting me speak.
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    Could we move this to Chit Chat, please? :mad:
  7. i like you already. :cool:

    dgabriel, i agree with you on some things, but not this.
  8. Grob109......guess who's back? Jack is Back.....
  9. Jack can put the critics to rest. He has a Paltalk room where he can announce his trades in real-time. I think if the critics observed the wizard in action in real-time for maybe only a week, the critics would happily become Jack's acolytes:) But is Jack ready to do that? No. Why? Because he's Jack:)
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