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  1. At nasdaqtrader.com you can view the stats for the most active marketparticipants for stocks for the month. Today the February stats came out.

    On several of the most active issues (I only look at them) -like CSCO, INTC- Island went from number 1 to somewhere lower in the top 5. What happened? Did some prop firm go out of business, or did one change ecn's to bid/offer there stox out?

    I found this particularly striking results. Maybe someone has an idea?

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    Interesting, I also noticed that the numbers for the large banks tended to increase dramatically. Perhaps this is a result of a shift to primex?
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    Island started reporting its market data through Cincinati Stock Exchange instead of the Nasdaq Stock Market earlier last month.

    "Under the plan, Island will report to Cincinnati all transactions in Nasdaq securities of 100 shares or larger that do not involve Nasdaq's SelectNet system and subscribers will not have to pay certain Nasdaq fees, Island said."

    In related news, I posted earlier that Island is reducing its commissions to $.0019/share and increasing its rebate to $.0011/share.

    Don't worry about not seeing Island trade reports through Nasdaq: "All Island trades will continue to appear on the Consolidated Tape."

  4. Primex average is 5.8 mln a day in the last month, that number isn't too large, if you spread it out over the market.
  5. That should explain it.