Where's is the Relief Rally!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. jay42


    Cramer said Friday that we have pretty much hit a bottom and the market is "way oversold."

    So now 95% of the trading world is expecting a big rally on Monday.

    And I'm wondering if Mr. Market will do everything possible to show us we're wrong.
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  2. ================
    Some did, but what happened, some had been calling tips/tops;
    after so many years of that silliness, the law of averages finally helped them after so many years.

    And looks like a suckers rally in airlines:D ;
    however tek stocks look lke they are
    living thier Jeff/Yale Hirsch nickname ''OCT=bear killer'':cool:
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  3. just21


    I don't think it will take out last weeks low next week. Last weeks sell off was about Refco and the futures operation may have a new owner soon.
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  4. Mr Market? No...no...... please no..... aaaaaaayyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiii Allah be with me as I must bring to him my finest meats and cheeses!
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