Where's is the Relief Rally!!

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  1. I thought the homebuilders would be booming after Katrina. Remember that one. That was good.
  2. Shows that homes are just a commodity, not the "gift you give yourself and your family everyday"
  3. is there a point to anything you say... damn if I can find one!
  4. lol is that a slogan from a homebuilder or a secondary market lender? (fannie, freddie)
  5. why so angry man, just tried to point out the fallacy of listening to the analysts. Dont you remember when they said this would be a boom for the homebuilders. I pointed out that FEMA was building mobile homes not McMansions. Why the hostility?
  6. you happy now. hooray, the relief rally!!

    A lot have been waiting the whole week for that.
  7. everyone? i agree. there are some st bounces to play though. though market is becoming more "deer in the headlights everyday" that we dont bounce.
  8. Wow.
    That is an awesome observation.
    Moreover, 5 of the last 7 posts are from no one else but you.
    Perhaps you should start a thread in the Journal Section.
    That way you can talk to yourself all day long . . .
  9. booyahh.
  10. Where's is the Relief Rally?
    It's on its way.

    PS: Don't forget to pick the direction that suits you best!
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