where's Hi a ooiioo a?

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  1. mailbox is full - has the handle changed?
  2. I was wondering too...we had exchanged emails over 6 mos ago...now nothing...I thought he was interesting and we had traded some good trading setups and ideas too....


    rttrader -
  3. fruitcake pebbles gordon gekko
    the kid with 2000 dollars (lol) who needs attention
  4. I could be wrong, but A Hoi a didn't seem so juvenile. Idealistic at times, but never juvenile. Seemed to me a genuine character, and a good one too - rare indeed.
  5. Last I remember he ran the train backwards with this handle: a ooiioo a Hi
  6. Hi. My mailbox is only 8% full, but maybe because I've been inactive for a couple months it considers it full?

    Thanks for thinking of me!

    I'm not Gordon Gekko/FRuiTY PeBBLeS, but I did have to close my account a couple months ago. I've spent my time since then on the Pokah bulletin board, but that board has undemocratic principles and I keep getting banned for no reason. (But there's a LOT more females there, and um they um are um, well um, they like to talk about sex a lot!)
  7. What's up broseph?
    Welcome back to the democratic principled trading community - where stupidity is rampant and the women are sparse. Ah, that was a bit harsh... the women are more than sparse.:(

    Good to hear you're still kickin' (and haven't kicked the bucket).
  8. As much stupidity as there seems to often be here, you can discuss and debate things here with people who completely disagree with you, even if it goes on forever and never gets anywhere.

    On the poker site, if you say you don't believe in God, some snitchy religious zealot will report you to the management, and you get banned, without any recourse to appeal or anything.

    So, despite all the complaints anyone here has had to make about the moderators, the system here is A LOT better and more fair and democratic than the idiot witch-trial site.

    No WONDER traders can do fairly well playing poker! The average intelligence level of traders is quite a bit higher apparently than the average intelligence level of poker players in general.

    But if you're looking for women, you can go to the other place, although only their brains seem to be sparse. But to be fair the men on there are every bit as dense. And I have managed to meet a couple real sweeties among the herd.

    Oh, and their software is Fischer-Price compared to Elite Trader, you can't post links, you can't edit your messages after posting.

    Anyhow, if I've made you curious (horny women . . . ) you can check it out here.
  9. Thnaks for the link...just joined. I noticed that you can start your own groups......think any elite trader members might want to start one?
  10. Groups is the way to go. All the Group is is a private thread which people have to apply to before they can post to, and also you don't have the risk of some idiot reporting you to management to get you banned for something you wrote in a Group thread the way you do in a public thread.

    Of course, I'm talking about the Social Lounge forum (it's Chit Chat, very little poker talk at all). If you want to see what I'm complaining about, my nickname (originally) was My Cards Win, also referred to as MCW.
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