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  1. Hey Elaine?

    1,000 job created. That's it. For all the FedFunds stimulus, all the MBA's, all the BBA's in technology, all the Rally-Rally Talk.

    Where are those jobs that you were so up beat on?

    This is a major political issue that roiled the markets today, and there are a whole lot of traders who were caught with their longs on, when they should have had their shorts on at the CME/CBOT.

    This was a major upset to those believing in those meaningless words called:
    jobless recovery

    Eco 101 -- if employment isn't in the mix, then no taxpayer cares...
  2. I think that at least PPT did a good job today.

    Rally continues ! Buy into this market ! Go go go !

  3. comments from 2 commentators on CnnFn (11:08am EST 1/9/2):

    the 1,000 jobs created will be adjusted downward....

    in Manufacturing, every single month since G. Bush they have lost jobs and continues in this longterm unemployment trend

    a Mfgr job creates other jobs, Service Sector jobs never create spinoff jobs

    the middle class is under assult and there's only one indicator that matters, and they are losing these at an alarming rate

    the jobs that have been created are at $2.50/hr with NO medical benefits

    Information Technology Jobs are fleeing our shores in mass with no turn around in those trends

    Carly Fiorina, CEO HWP -- no American job is inherent anymore.

    more trade deals are created for those taking them (jobs) offshore, and getting tax breaks domestically in the US

    the american worker pays the price for all these tax code rewarding employers that raise the cost of healtcare, that ship jobs offshore, that take the tax breaks and do nothing to restore the taxpaying base through significant/meaninful employment

    unemployment benefits run out and over 530,000 workers per month drop off the "employment economic rolls[/b] which are counted and reported

    one commentator that supports this administration suggested that those who are unemployed should take some of that money (who knows what money he's talking about) and open a consulting business in technology.

    B. Clinton joined with the Republicans in opening the trade doors to China, and neglected his own party -- one commentator said

    same commentator also said -- they come up with 3 or 4 other fool headed policies like taking off the overtime category for 8 more industries, as well as other things...

    He was from the AFLCIO
    the other commentator was from the Heritage Foundation...

    depressing indeed

    however, these comment summaries portend trends that will be reflected in the earnings reports that are upcoming at the end of January
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    A lot of the manufacturing jobs were killed by Bob Rubin constantly pushing the overly strong dollar higher. Manufacturers had to outsource to avoid going out of business.

    Good for financial companies like Citicorp (and Bob Rubin), bad for US manufacturers.

    This recession has been a structural one. So the job regeneration part is going to ramp up slower than previous recessions.
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    If you are looking for assistance from Elena Chow, you are really desperate. She is a total nitwit, IMO. A babbling Harvard grad. Mark Haynes, who isn't the brightest light in the world, makes mince meat out of her, whenever she's on CNBC. I've never heard such babble come out of someone's mouth, when she opens it.
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    What do you expect ? Jobs are going out the country. It will take ages to get them back. Wait until the Fed has to raise rates because inflation is drowning the middle class. F 'ing Greenspan is creating mess after mess.
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    There are lots of jobs created. Mostly in Mexico, India, etc. as more and more of our services and manufacturing are exported.

    But you don't see any tax incentives or encouragement from either party to keep jobs here and to relocate them, like in our major inner cities.
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    i hate the jobs# because its bs... correct me if im wrong but the way they track the number is by ppl collecting unemployement no??? so there are many ppl who ran out of the time on the unemployment or simply where not eligible... how do they factor that into the indicator???
  9. let's hope that it (these manufacturing jobs) acutally return

    the alternative is to flood the already over crowded job resume websites with yet again another million or so resumes in the rediculous hopes that someone will actually see the resume, call for an interview and you succeed in getting a job, let alone somethine you like doing...

    we're in such deep kimchi.....
    and they treat it like some sound bite solution works
  10. in Economics, those are called by various names, one common one are "those who choose no longer to be counted"

    Labor tries to speak for those who just don't have the money even for the newspaper, because they bought into the American dream, and own a new home, with a few kids and no work....

    Democrats traditionally spoke for these too, but even that's questionable

    Republicans never spoke for these and frankly only offers plattitudes such as compasionate conservative label

    We're in the highlinght of these compasionate conservative times.

    How many more can be unemployed and things remain afloat?
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