Where's Arthur Deco / Joe Doaks / Albert Cibiades

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  1. Samsara


    I have less faith in summoning the person in question than a Don Bright thread. But you know the guy. Sleazy, foul-mouthed, womanizing, disgruntled eSignal addict, gun-toting boozer Texan. Also, if I guess right, a damn good trader. And all this praise is coming from an Ivy League NYC libertarian-leftist.

    What happened to the guy?

    Honestly, I had worries that the sauce would do him in. Obviously it definitely would do him in, in time. But I think a bunch of us were hoping it wouldn't be soon.

    Speak up if you're around you sleazy Southern immigrant.
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    Also, where is Redneck :confused: :confused:
  3. nkhoi

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    He has gone sober now a model citizen I believe.

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    Actually, that's a very good point. It hasn't even occurred to me that he's been missing, but now I suddenly notice it.
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    Does that have legs? If so, good for him, honestly.
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  7. Samsara


    Wait, but that was in 08, and I've been corresponding with his various manifestations within the year.

    Besides, as much as he'd like to reconcile his multiple personae, the genie's been out of the bottle for a while and we've all had a sense of the man behind the curtain, however bizarre and abstruse.

    At least the gun-toting, Texan boozer is obvious ;)
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    they ran out of money to fund their accounts.
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  10. One of Art Deco's recent threads was about finding ways to pass on his trading system to his wife. hmm i wonder if his wife did him in, couldn't wait.

    also I think redneck and AD both from texas were planning on meeting up at some convention. maybe they hit it off and are now happily married.
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