Wherefore Art Thou Difficult Trading Conditions?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Magna, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Magna

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    Sorry to see candletrader's Difficult Trading Conditions thread gone. I know it got a bit trashed during the hack takeover, and tradeRX did his part, but there was quite a bit of fine info there. Hopefully Baron or zBoy can clean it up and restore the thread with the good parts.
  2. Babak


    how much more of traderx are we going to tolerate? I've seen great boards ruined by such posters
  3. I've just emailed Candletrader to say that his comments & presence on this board will be missed.

    To this point, I've been a lurker, but am now saying hello to all as an "official" ET member.

  4. WarEagle

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    Why are you so quick to leave after a one day problem like that? I'm no computer whiz, so please explain if there is some type of security risk to you (or us) other than some idiot modifying his/our title and spamming the board. Baron is a very responsive administrator and I'm sure took care of the problem as quickly as possible. Is there some other fear we should have?

    I haven't found another message board as good as Elitetrader, and while there is some dead wood floating around (which is measured in splinters here vs. other forums where you get it by the yard), its still a pretty nice site by any standards. I have enjoyed reading your posts (and those of many other great traders on this site as well) and would hate to see you or anyone else go that contributes to this website's value. I would rather hope there is a way to keep the riff raff out, or at least prevent their meddling. But either way, good luck to you.


    Welcome...I hope you choose to participate more.

    Good trading to all,

  5. roger2



    even tho' i have not participated in any of your active threads, i have been reading, enjoying, and learning from your posts...obviously others agree

    there is an old saying: one bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch (or something like that!). imo, if you quit ET then tradeRX will see this as a victory. is that your intention?

    from my purely selfish point of view, i would rather have things at ET continue exactly as before with one exception - t'RX will be on the outside looking in

    i also have no doubt that Baron will tighten-up security and amateur hackers will be no further problem...

  6. Babak


    actually, the old saying is that one rotten apple can spoil the whole lot.

    you can see that in action right here.

    If candletrader does indeed leave elitetrader it will be a loss as I only saw interesting and thought provoling posts from him. I hope that he returns.
  7. Baron

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    In regards to the hacking problem, let me point out a few important things.

    1. TradeRX's posting priviledges were disabled when the hacking problem surfaced.

    2. If software is written by humans, there are bugs and security holes. It's a fact of life. We do the best we can to prevent hackers but since the core of the message board software was written by a third party, it takes a little longer to pinpoint the problem and restore order than it normally would if all of the code was our own.

    3. We don't really ask for personal info to become a member other than an email address, so there's nothing really sensitive that can be stolen or lost.

    4. We've been hacked once in five years so it's not like these problems happen everyday. I hate to lose candletrader or any other member over a rare, unpredicatable event like this.

  8. Grabbit



    I never pay too much attention as to who writes what but still, I believe your postings were always clear, to the point and of educational value.

    Therefore I fail to understand your decision to leave this board because of a hacker getting onto it.

    This seems very irrational, which is in sharp contrast to the clear thoughts you have shared with us.

    Imagine: If my favorite tobacconist gets robbed by some street gang, would that be a reason for me to buy my cigars somewhere else in the future? Of course not. Still, to me this seems to me what you are doing right now.

    I share your indignation about the hacking, but please don't aim it at Baron or this site in general. The hacker is anonymous, but that's something you and we have to live with. You can't get even with him by leaving us.

    I hope you will reconsider your decision or at least explain in more detail why this incident is so upsetting to you, because you are leaving us 'at a loss' (in every sense!).
  9. I am back on this forum under the thread: Trading Conditions.

    I sincerely hope that this site henceforth remains free of hackers and (significant) trouble-makers.
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