"Where'd the bailout money go?"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Lets go and destroy pretty much everything America stands for.
    Lets do it by wasting lots of tax payers money. Lets let banks, who have an excellent reputation for losing a lot of capital very quickly do whatever the please with it. Let's not regulate it at all.
    Lets not tell the taxpayer where his hard earned money actually is. Lets give it to banks who either don't know where to put it or else don't know where they have put it. Lets decide to be Keynesians and then not. Lets decide to be liberals and then not. Lets decide to creat an amalgam of both so as to reap the problems but give up on the good sides. Lets all run to the left (they've been kicking ass in elections for no particular reason they must be doing something right). Let's all hate Bush because our neighboor hates Bush. Let's distrust the banks who stole the homes we bought with money that wasn't ours and that we never had a hope in hell of repaying.
    Lets all go get drunk before alcohol is too expensif to purchase any more.
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    Yes, let's do all of the above and make sure that no court of law can say a goddamn thing about it. That way, Paulson and his cronies can rape and plunder unimpeded. Whoopee....Party on!