Where would you live if you can make more than $200000 per year from stock mark.

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    I don't fully understand what you are saying.. NY is offering resident domiciles for outsiders so they can tax them?
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    I heard that Clearlake became a hip place. High tech workers in the Bay Area discovered it, maybe they telecommute 4 days and drive in one day or something...

    I was reading Feng Shue, learning about what the best locations are before I decided where to go... I found these places and went for day trips and discovered that they indeed are a little different... I researched other things that spell quality of life to me, free range meat, lack of factory farming iow and found a few places that are perfect gems... my quality of life index is way different than anything I've ever seen.. who cares what the GNP is? I want to be around people that are empowered to have good lives, and that includes what religion and how much education and the quality of nutrients to build their brains and bodies and their culture... inbreeding spells the worst places to go, inbred people are hostile to outsiders, hard to be comfy around them...
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    I live in North Jersey because I don't want to relocate my teenage kids. Otherwise, I would consider Dallas, Miami or somewhere in Nevada.

    I would like the trading hours on the west coast but would try to avoid the state taxes in Cali.

    I will make the move when the kids get out of high school.
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  4. funny, that is what I was about to say. For people forming corps or LLCs, Wyoming in many ways is preferred over Delaware and Nevada...
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  5. I'm thinking anyone who wants to nurse the idea of being something akin to a daytrader should take a cultural detour-

    Go watch the first 2 seasons of Californication, where you can get wanderlust over a guy who "lost his edge"... No, the show has nothing to do with trading, its just a very very good show... and might soothe that urge of yours to be self-employed. Hopefully you'll decide to become an author and have no need to determine where you reside for tax purposes...
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    West coast trading hours are not that great. Equities open at 6:30 am, so you really have to get up at 4:30 am to shake the cob webs out and be able to focus. I suppose it all depends on the person.

    Also, moving away from family and friends can be stressful and isolating, in a job that is the personification of stressful isolation. Something to consider, but as said above, it depends on the person.
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  7. I moved to just outside of Nashville TN because I couldn't take one more bureaucrat adding one more rule and tax for me to follow/pay. TN has no state income tax on earned income or IRA withdrawals, nice neighborhoods, moderate-extended spring/fall weather but still has four seasons. They hilariously call off school at the first sight of a snowflake, but it is still 100x better than the pesthole Northeast city I existed in before.

    County Commissions/Homeowner Associations are not a pushover, but there are no birdbath nazis either. People here keep putting local/state govts in their place.
    You can drop $5MM on a crib in Belle Meade or drive 10 minutes past the city limits and get 20acres up of privacy for quite reasonable $$$. I'm in the middle. Lots of big lakes nearby to cruise...sailboats too.

    I'm only one hour off NYC trading time and Music City has five live music waterhole venues for whatever your style is. Excellent international airport and GenAviation facilities centrally located to going where I need in short order. Oh...did I mention pretty country gals that grew up without a BMW as de rigueur for life support :^)

    Conservative lifestyle for those that appreciate God, Mom, Apple Pie and strict interpretation of the Constitution. Particularly the 2nd Amendment. It is quite culturally diverse to have a pistol/rifle range on the main drag in town whose store front looks just like the furniture store and Sherwin Williams on either side...but does more business than both combined. LOL

    This has worked well for me. Best of luck to you!

    Happy to be a Southern Boy...
    Currency Futures/Springfield Arms/Sig Sauer Aficionado
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  8. Trick question! I would not "live" in one place.. I'd be traveling quite a lot!
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    Great point.
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  10. Florida works well as the climate is nice (unless you need the 4 seasons), there is no state income tax and right now, there are some crazy real estate deals (like condos at less than prices paid in 1990...mind you, the HOA is higher but still...
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