Where will TXN open

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    I am not a big player like you and my trading size is usually 2K shares. You are worried for nothing. TXN will be traded below 35 for sure. I did not mean that it will go lower but if I were you, I would keep my position and won't give them the satisfaction. No take over talk on TXN. Your short price is good. Some shorted at 32.5. I am 100% sure we will see 32.5 in a month and less than that.
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  2. The question is whether the 1 million shares in the book GTC below 35 will stand up to any upgrades

    I just ate three 1/2 mg xanxax and may make it 4 or 5 if the tension isn't gone. The prob is that this year has been very bad relatively speaking. I am up maybe 150k and that was mostly in the big vol week. I am getting too old for this , and this kind of risk would be more appropriate if I could put on the position tomorrow morning whenI am sure there is no buyout.

    I won't even mention the other stock I am short 33,000 but let's hope no new bank mergers come up tomorrow morning. I am hedged with a second bank.

    Now I can't stop eating Fiber One cereal.
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    I am also a very stubborn trader. You can sell PUT 35 for a $1. By the way, market is ready for a good correction.
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    I guess 40% of them will be removed but more will come from big share holders and TI employees will start to dump their shares although will not have a big effect.
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  5. Yes, it is. I shorted a few ES on IB but I have prob lost 25k shorting the SPY on the way up. Perhaps we should develop the reverse Greenspan oscillator. After all, this is the guy who wrote glowing letters on behalf of Charles Keating saying how he really knew how to manage an S&L and they shouldn't be regulated on their investments.
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  6. hahah.. i'm doing something similar with google..
    but i've been doing it forever. (long)...

    i need to move on...

    i think you'll be good on TXN. give it some breathing room.
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  7. Ok it's 5 xanax now, I am on my second lean cuisine, so i guess that's not too lean, and I missed my personal training session today because of this.

    ps.. i save the xanax for special occassions like this.. and ferris wheels
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  8. relax, and its not worth the negative effects on your health... keep the bottle closed.
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  9. "Keep the bottle closed"

    This isn't hard after 2.5 MG ....it becomes impossible to open...then I can go to my fine wine cellar....."Uh, sommelier, I'd like to see somethimg in a screw top, please"
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    Will you be alive till tomorrow? :D
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