Where will TXN open

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  1. My prediction $35.10
  2. Dump it at open and ring the register. I didn't play it btw, nice call!
  3. Nice call? I shorted 39,000 shares at $34.45 after hours and now it's $35.50.

    So I was on the wrong end of this. I really am more worried that someone will make an offer overnight. That seems to be my overriding concern about shorting anything these days. I could really lose a bundle under that scenario.
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    I went long at 35.45, gave it some thought and sold them at 35.38 about 2 mins later.....
  5. Jesus, I thought you went long. I hope it pulls back for you. That is sick action at over 1M, I admire your balls for that kind of play.:eek:
  6. You and I think alike. I shorted the hell out of this spike. Unfortunately, like all the other techs, its holding so far after hours.

    I thought to myself - give it 5 days to shake off, at least to fill the gap. This is, after all, TXN. I don't think it'll run away. Not quite an ICE.
  7. Actually pump, the doctor told me my balls were rather small and sent me for a testosterone test. Perhaps it's the thing hiding my balls that was just bigger than normal (and i'm not referring to my stomach).

    And...I am not waiting 5 days. I am out at or before the open. It's just a trade for me.

    I'm lowering my opening target to $34.87. Let's see what happens. There's quite a lot of GTC stock in the book below 35.

    I will post my total short position and avg price before the opening so everyone can send me a beer.
  8. 39k shares?? is this opm or yours? Thats some pretty substantial size.
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    BUY SSG.....new 52 week low tomorrow morning.
  10. It's mine, at least 100% of the loss or profit (loss most likely in this case) is. I did this once with HPQ and was short 110k shares (and down over $100k) before the open but ended up losing $7,500. Naturally, I have had some good winners or I wouldn't be doing it.

    What happened here is I knew TXN was going to come out with earnings and I left some orders out on ARCA while I was in a meeting after the close. "They" printed right through me and went to $35 immediately. I guess any opening below $35.50 I can live with. If it goes to $36 pre market I will prob short twic as much.

    Just pray there's no takeout talk or a bid overnight--I can't pray cuz I'm an atheist--well, actually I COULD pray, i just wouldn't know to whom.

    It's nice to have some friends to chat with while I wait to see if I get screwed.

    I really am tired of the pressure of this game.
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