Where will this down leg bottom?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. This ones gonna hurt alot of longs, especially those that liked the action last Thursday and bought in because of the great breadth on that day.

    Where will this down leg bottom?
  2. Everyone knows about Iraq, the weak economy, etc etc.

    There are many comparisons this time to the 1991 Desert Storm war.

    The biggest problem this time around me thinks is not war. It's our severely puke weak dollar.

    Anyone know about currencies care to comment on what it'll do to drag down the market.
  3. It will bottom when you stop wondering when will it bottom. (Seriously.) Declines are given energy by bottom pickers getting squeezed, driving the market down.
  4. So its all my fault!?!?

    I'm about to stop wondering...so everyone buy Buy BUY!
  5. balda


    sounds like you are still wandering

  6. I'll go out on a limb here and saaaaay ---> where it does...
  7. MRWSM


    Oct lows will be tested, they will hold. Look for a 25% rally from there. Then it's TOAST!!! JMG:)
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    ES/NQ to zero baby!

    LOL. I have no idea how far this leg will take us, but I'm definately in the long term (like 10 years) bear camp.
  9. Where did all you bears come from all of a sudden. All of a sudden theres doom and gloom and everyones expecting us to break the Oct lows decisively.

    Next thing you know, Hillary Clinton is gonna be President. Whos gonna be her First Lady?!?
  10. Why would it stop at the October low? Looks like a downward channel to me-- a downward channel to hell!
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