Where will the EUR/USD go in 2008?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Peter35, Sep 23, 2007.

Euro in 2008

  1. We will see 1.50

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  2. It will fall to 1.00

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  3. It will not hit either levels.

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  1. Peter35


    What do you think guys? Will we see euro at 1.50 in 2008 or maybe it will head to 1.00 (I don't think so ofcourse)
    Let's vote :)
    It's the usual time to start votes about the new year predictions :)
  2. Peter35


    I think it's useful to look at EUR/USD chart since 2000

  3. Peter35


    EUR/USD closed at 1.4265! It's almost 700 pips from 1.5
    It think any correction will not get past 1.38
  4. 4xtrader


    I suggest to buy for every 50 pips drop instead of switching back and forth. I expect EUR/USD will retrace next week.
  5. bendror


    Even if we'll get to 1.50 it wouldn't stay there for along time
  6. Santos30


    I agree, but it wouldn't also correct beyond 1.35 !
  7. bendror


    At least not for the time being.
    If we are talking about the upcoming correction, I don’t think
    we'll get past the 1.3870-1.3820 level.
    But in a few months every thing could change, so maybe
    we'll get a bearish trend which will lead us even past the 1.35 level.
  8. Greziano


    I don't think that Euro will reach 1.5 next year. Actuall 1.4 is pain to europe itself making French wine, Italian fashion and German cars expensive purchases for the EU's main export market in the U.S.
  9. Realist


    More importantly is where will the US Dollar be in '08? Right now the USDX is trading at a historical low point and could actually bottom out here since nobody really expects it to. The EUR/USD could get pushed back much lower if the DX rallies significantly imo...
  10. I heard about some Knock Out Options for retailers at 1.3150 barrier !

    I expect retailers to lose the wager...:D
    #10     Oct 8, 2007